Cold Therapy, also known as Cryotherapy, is the art of using cold temperatures to reduce aches, prevent ailments, and preserve your muscle strength. You can sit in your cold therapy bath for minutes and indulge in the positive results. Athletes use cold therapy for individual parts of their bodies like arms, legs, and knee wounds.

There are numerous benefits to cold therapy that range from mental stress reduction, decreasing body inflammation, treating headaches, and more. In today’s article, we discuss 4 areas of the body that benefit from cold therapy. If you are an athlete or active professional, cold therapy is your game-ready ice machine. Look up brands like Source Fitness for Cold therapy treatments for high-quality results.

Learn more about the benefits of cold therapy below.


Using Cold Therapy For Arm Pains In Injured Athletes 

Cold therapy is a non-invasive procedure to eliminate nerve and joint injury pain in high-performing athletes. Sport training is demanding, and cold therapy effectively reduces swelling and inflammation to a freshly injured sprain or tendon tear. By reducing pain and soreness, athletes can heal faster without feeling impaired by their wounds. The process behind cold therapy for your arms is typically a 30-35 minute treatment per arm. P

People use cold therapy based on the rapid results, generally a 20 to 80% reduction in muscle affliction. The way it works is once you enter the cooling chamber, their temperatures drop to target damaged regions. Cold therapy numbs the surrounding nerves or muscle tissue. Chambers are used for full-body therapy. Professionals utilize handheld devices similar to vacuum nozzles. The device is placed on your arm and passed up and down gradually to freeze and numb the muscles.

Game Ready Ice Machines Stops Knee Aches and Leg Tension

As an athlete, frequent use and force on our muscles create wear and tear on the body. Ice reduces inflammation to prevent muscle aches, and bruising and cold therapy takes these notions to another level. Not only does your game-ready ice machine trim body fat, but it also reduces nerve, joint, and tendon inflammation. Cold therapy is viral among athletes to numb pain. Our nerves send signals to our brain when we experience injury. These signals translate into pain that affects an athlete’s game. Cold therapy will numb the tissue to offer relief for acute injuries to your legs or joints. The sensation may feel like light pinching on your skin, but overall it is a very safe procedure and widespread practice.

Revitalize Your Shoulders and Hands With Cold Therapy

Arthritis is an ailment that affects the wrists, hands, and knees. Acute arthritis makes it almost impossible to write or do any fine-motor tasks without a burning-painful sensation. Chronic arthritis comes in waves and periodic delays in movement.

Studies reveal that cold therapy dramatically reduces arthritis pain, which allows for more personal occupational or physical therapy without force. Cold treatment offers impressive results for individual illnesses and conjunctive treatments like rehabilitation. Find out more information about how this game-ready ice machine may affect your results.


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Cold therapy heals arms, legs, shoulders, hands, and more. There are numerous full-body positives to using cold therapy and gaining the body that best fits your lifestyle. Speak to a professional before undergoing cold therapy treatments. Everyone experiences different results, and understanding your body more will lead to better and long-lasting treatment.