Did you know that an average nurse makes about $37 an hour? It’s a very well-paid job, and it’s currently one of the most in-demand jobs too. 

As you may already know, to become a nurse, you must be ready to commit seriously. 

It requires intense and continuous training to stay abreast of new developments in the field. Even with the many challenges that an aspiring nurse may face, the rewarding rewards of nursing are simply too great to pass up. Here are the top five reasons why you should choose this career path.

1. You’ll Always Have a Job

A nursing career is one that never goes out of style. The healthcare industry is always in need of qualified nurses, and the demand for nurses is expected to increase over the next decade. In other words, you’ll never run out of job opportunities.

The best part is that you’re not just helping people in your local area. With the growing prominence of global health issues, nursing as a profession is also becoming more and more relevant worldwide. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ll always have a job.

2. Nursing Careers Offer Excellent Pay and Benefits

With the high demand for nurses, you can earn more than most other careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for registered nurses was $70,230 as of May 2017. 

Also, the benefits you’ll receive as a nurse are excellent. Registered nurses can look forward to a generous healthcare package. They can also access employer-sponsored benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan, and paid leave. Learn more here.

3. To Effectively Help Others

In a fast-paced world, it can be easy to forget the true importance of healthcare. Even with all the technological advancements, some people still struggle to receive the quality medical treatment they need. 

Nursing as a profession aims to help people receive the best possible care. There’s a growing need for nurses in developing countries to help reduce the high maternal mortality rate. 

Nursing can also be a great career for people who want to help others but don’t necessarily want to become a doctor. As a registered nurse, you can help patients deal with various medical conditions. You can also help educate others on how to better take care of themselves.

4. The Career Advancement Opportunities Are Endless

This profession offers a broad spectrum of career advancement opportunities. The best part? You don’t have to choose just one career path. 

With many different types of nursing, you can tailor your career path to suit your interests and strengths. Many options are available such as public health nursing, acute care, home health care, and many more. 

You can also get a part-time or full-time career with various nursing specialties that offer different career advancement opportunities. The career advancement opportunities are endless.

5. You’ll Gain Satisfaction

This profession requires a lot of hard work but is also full of true satisfaction. Nursing is more than just a 9-5 job; it is a career that can help improve the quality of life for others. The nursing field can be extremely rewarding because it allows you to help others deal with various health issues and complications. 

Are You Ready To Become A Nurse?

As you read, nursing is a rewarding career path that offers excellent pay, benefits, and career advancement opportunities. With the abundant rewards that come with becoming a nurse, there is no reason you shouldn’t commit to it. So, don’t think about it twice and make your plans to become a nurse! Want some more career-related posts? Browse through our blog for more articles.