5 Things to Help You Choose the Best RV Storage Facility

Owning an RV is becoming a necessity in most US homes. A 2021 study shows that over 11.2 million homesteads have RVs. Also, experts believe that about 46 million Americans were planning to take RV trips between 2020 and 2021.

Possessing an RV is beneficial because you can pack your belongings beforehand. It’s also cheaper for families to travel together in an RV.

However, it’s tricky choosing a place to keep your RV when not camping.

Here are five tips to help you choose the best RV storage for your vehicle.

1. Flexibility

A flexible facility will give you specialty storage options to choose from and fulfill your needs. Such a facility lets you keep your RV in covered, uncovered, or indoor spaces.

Keeping your RV in an uncovered space is suitable for short-term storage. This option will help you save on the monthly amount you pay for your RV storage.

Go for indoor or covered areas if you plan to store your RV for long periods. Keeping your RV in covered spaces will prevent seal damages by UV rays from the sun.

2. Accessibility

Choosing an area that allows you to access your RV is crucial. Some facilities may restrict you from accessing your RV during off-hours or holidays. Thus, settle for an RV and boat storage facility that always permits you to access your belongings.

A facility that allows you to check your vehicle even at night will be convenient for you. Accessing your RV during off-hours is essential if you’re planning for a long commute to your campsite.

3. Good Security

Most RV storage facilities have suitable security measures to keep your belongings safe. But settling on a facility that has up-to-date safety measures will boost the security of your RV.

Choose an area with bright lighting and strong locks on all storage units. Further, your RV storage facility should have the following:

  • Self-storage insurance
  • An updated camera surveillance system
  • Monitored alarms
  • Gates with access codes

4. Space and Amenities

Choose a facility with enough space for moving your RV around without hindrances. Having adequate space in the facility will give you enough stacking distance and minimize congestion.

Also, choose a facility with large units to accommodate your RV perfectly. Thus, check for the dimensions of all units in the facility to ensure you have options that can accommodate your needs.

Moreover, settle on an RV storage space with a dump station and a suitable wash area. The facility should also be free from dirt, moisture, and rodents to protect your RV.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Picking a facility that’s within your budget will help you answer the question: “Is there a suitable RV storage near me?”

Also, you need to select a storage area that gives you flexible lease options. This will allow you to pay for your RV storage without affecting your other expenses.

Go for a facility with an online portal for convenience when making payments. Such a facility will secure your belongings without you having to deal with papers.

Keep Your RV In a Suitable RV Storage

Choosing a facility that meets your needs and keeps your belongings safe is ideal. So settle on an RV storage area that won’t frustrate you when looking for short-term or long-term storage. Browse this website for more storage ideas for your properties.

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