The logistics of running any business can be surprisingly tricky. Even the top business operators struggle to manage everything all at once. But anybody who has been in the industry for some time knows that manual labor does not always lead to success. Sometimes you need technical assistance to ensure your business’s smooth functioning and success. These software tools are beneficial for new startups to make their lives easier. The management of individual enterprises is pretty different from more giant corporations. Many software tools can do tedious but essential tasks like book-keeping or time tracking. To make things easier for you, we have narrowed it down to top six software crucial to every small business.

  • Trello

Trello is a top choice for project management software. These software programs can help you fix long-term and short-term projects and multiple employees. Project management software includes features of creating tasks, projects, and deadlines. Trello is ideal for small organizations with hard-working people that wear many hats. Users can create tasks, break them down into steps, and assign them to individual team members. Trello acts as a team-task board that promotes productivity. It helps users maintain real-time visualization by updating you on what has been finished already, what tasks are left, and upcoming deadlines.

  • Slack

Slack is a Customer relationship management (CRM) tool that usually benefits the sales and marketing teams. Slack is the conclusive instant messaging platform for small businesses and startups. You can create a channel, invite team members, organize them by department or use a direct messaging feature to communicate to your team members individually. Slack supports the file-sharing integration of Google Docs and numerous other apps. Other apps like Zoom Skype are pretty much in use for communication purposes. And if most of your team is remote you might need to invest more into the communication section of your business.

  • OmniFocus

Are you stuck at work without any visible progress? OmniFocus is made explicitly for increasing productivity and progress. It has a three-tier approach to managing your productivity. The first stage captures essential information like dates and times of important deadlines or assignments. The second stage organizes data and helps you prioritize the user’s time. At the end, the app allows you to upload your information onto the cloud and sync it with your device to be accessed anytime. The cracked version of OmniFocus is available on 1337x, from where you can download it for free.

  • Mailchimp

Sales, marketing, and PR are essential for any small or large-scale business. To grow small businesses, you need to spread the word to your potential customers and community. A lot of companies overlook the impact of email marketing. Email marketing helps in creating engagement and prompting loyalty among customers. Email marketing also has a high customer conversion rate. As you keep gaining more and more customers, it becomes more important to stay in touch with the old customers and let them know about fresh news of the company. Mailchimp enables you to organize and store your mailing list, making it easier for email marketing. It also offers you templates that can be used to create quick emails and newsletters for your customer.

  • QuickBooks

All businesses have finances to take care of, even the non-profits. Handling tax situations for small companies can get very complex and challenging to take care of. It’s pretty important to note every meticulous record and keep track. QuickBooks is an integrated accounting solution that can streamline your financial data in a revolutionary way. It syncs with PayPal and other sources to keep track of your company’s financial health on an ongoing basis. You have the feature to view sales and expenses, manage invoices, pay employees and vendors. QuickBook makes tax time easier by storing all the company’s revenue and expenses in one platform.

  • WordPress

If you have a small business, you need a website to expand your base. Your potential customers may never be able to find your business without a functional website. Designers are well aware of building a site that reflects your brand and provides all the information a customer might need. But after hiring designers, you need to offer them the right tools to create the website. You can hardly go wrong with WordPress. WordPress is an open-source website-building tool that can work with multiple website hosts and themes to create a site entirely owned by you and customizable.

CONCLUSION It’s almost impossible to run a business without the help of technology or tools. Any dream team should be able to work smartly and produce positive results. One of the main challenges that a small business faces are the lack of hours in one day. That is where these tools come in handy. All the apps were made for different purposes to strengthen all the various business departments.