Are Cheap Eyeglasses Frames Worth It?

Have you ever wondered how to buy the cheapest glass frame online or offline? People are always on the quest to save their money by every possible means while spending. After all, why spend the hard-earned money on eye frame glass when you can have cheap glasses that look equally good? 

However, it’s a big NO to use cheap eyeglasses. If you are on a budget shopping, you can consider Vincent frames that are inexpensive and pocket-friendly instead of going with a cheap eye frame. 

So, here are some of the reasons to avoid cheap glasses  

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Eyeglass Frames

Cheap eyeglasses frames are always bad for eye health, so if you are considering buying the cheap eyeglass, then have a look below:

  1. Know the actual worth at a lower price – Retailers that sell online eyeglasses offer low prices as they don’t have the same expenses as those premium frames. But, you never know if the lower cost comes from the hidden cost like fitting the expertise of a qualified optician or no longer getting personalized attention. 
  2. Beware of claims of the same top quality – The eyeglass seller claims they provide glasses of the ‘same top quality as other professionals. The fact is that there are many significant differences between the both, such as quality of lenses, lens coatings, level of comfort, durability, performance, lens material, and some others. For this, you can check Vincent chase frames’ price, where you get premium frames at the most affordable price without compromising on quality. 
  3. Enormous selection often leads to confusion – Indeed, optical stores can’t match the vast inventory of frames. But how will you get to know if those hundreds of frames are a good fit for your head & face? No, matter how many choices you get, all the frames are of the same quality, which often leads to great confusion.
  4. Cheap sunglasses can harm eyes – There is no doubt that cheap eyeglasses look identical to premium ones. However, the fact is that they can do great harm to the eyes. Sunglasses or eyeglasses provide a marvelous shield to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. But, it’s impossible to determine how good the eyes are being protected from UV rays while wearing the eyeglasses. 
  5. Causes eyeglass frames skin irritation – As cheap frames are made up of low-grade materials which can cause skin irritation over time, the plastic frame can get bleached by UV rays. The low-quality metal frame contains nickel alloys which cause skin irritation and can discolor the skin. They often contain lead plastic and other toxic substances. Sometimes, these eye frames may hurt the ears and nose, which can be very irritating. 
  6. Can Break Easily – Eyeglass frames are meant to protect the lenses, but low-quality frames are prone to damage or breakage compared to high-quality frames. Cheap frames are made of low-quality material, are less durable, and can fall to pieces easily, even in a simple accident. Moreover, they can harm the eye lens also, which adds the extra cost to you.  

What Makes the Eye Frame Look Better on the Face?

This is a fact that you can’t put any frame by turning a blind eye to shape, size, color, and material. 

While picking the eye frame, it’s crucial to pick the right frame accordingly. 

Face Shape 

  • Round Face – A round face has a larger eye frame than a square or rectangular face, and this can make your face appear smaller and longer while also adding balance to the round feature.
  • Oval Face – Frames that complement the oval face has a strong bridge and are broader than the geometrically shaped broadest area of your face.
  • Square Face – Oval or round eyeglasses look best on a square face because they soften the angularity and sit high on the nose bridge. They also help to balance the angles and make them appear slimmer.
  • Diamond Face – An oval-shaped, smaller rectangle and cat-eye-up sweeping-shaped frame work best for this face shape.
  • Heart-Shaped Face – Look for frames that balance the forehead’s width with the chin’s narrowness. You might choose curved eyeglasses with round or square frames to attract attention away from a broad and high brow.

Colors for Different Skin Tones

Skin tone is just as important as face shape in determining frame type. Skin tone, more than hair and eye color, determines the overall appearance of a high fashion frame. You must select a color closet that is appropriate for your skin tone.

• Warm Skin Tone – If you have a bronze, golden, or yellow complexion, you have a warm complexion. Avoid clashing colors such as pastels, and white and black frames are also unflattering. The frame color might be a light tortoise, gold, brown, honey, beige, or olive green.

• Cool Skin Tone – You have a cool complexion if your skin contains pink or blue undertones. Silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, gray, and mauve are always good choices.

Show off your personality.

Everything you wear, including your clothes, expresses your whole personality and the type of person you are. You might be able to locate a beautiful frame shape, color, and pattern, but it won’t matter if the quality is compromised.

It’s critical to select the frame that best describes your work personality. You can have a pair of colorful, fashionable glasses for weekends and a comfy, functional glass for work.


We can’t deny the fact that a cheap eye frame has a lot of complexities. Although they look nice on the face and can enhance the look, they can also harm the eyes, damage the lenses, and further increase the chance of skin irritation, which is a bitter truth.

It’s better to buy good quality and affordable eyeglass frames from Lenskart. They offer great options of Vincent frames for men, women, and kids frames at the most inexpensive price without compromising the quality. 

So, check Vincent chase frames price online, and book the eye frame today. 

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