While a regular 9-5 job is often preferred for its fixed work schedule and the stability it brings, not many enjoy such a dry career. Those who look for dynamism in their profession turn towards the sector of hospitality and tourism. The best part about this industry is that despite the odds, people will always enjoy travelling and eating outside. Hence, you will find stability and excellent remuneration in this profession, provided you enrol on a good degree. 

The hospitality industry is a perfect fit for anyone who is a people-person and enjoys communicating. If the thought of curating amazing experiences for others sounds like an interesting prospect, then you will relish your work in the hospitality sector. While all this sounds exciting, the job comes with a lot of challenges and requires you to be proactive at work. 

So, if you are looking for an interesting career ahead and ensure to check hospitality and tourism

Basics of hospitality and tourism

Before you venture deeper and set your mind on pursuing a career in this multi-billion-dollar industry, you must gain an understanding of its fundamentals. This will also help you set a better career goal and take up a job post that you truly enjoy. 

While hospitality and tourism are mentioned in the same breath, the two industries are different. Though they are still interconnected as travel is intricate with hospitality, the differences are vast. In the division of the two sectors, we have many other subdomains that make up the hospitality and tourism industry. 

To make things easier for you here is brief on all the other divisions of this giant sector. 

  • Food and beverages 

Restaurants and all other eateries make up a major portion of hospitality and even tourism. Food remains a basic need and whether you are looking to venture out in your city or planning to travel outside, you will eat out. It is estimated that nearly 50% of meals eaten in the U.S. are provided by the food and beverage industry. Many other businesses such as shopping malls, movie theatres and other recreational places also have dining options for visitors. 

  • Tourism 

The enormous tourism industry holds many aspects and is even responsible for providing job opportunities to many. If you think about it then from the travel agent who plans your trip to the cab or bus driver who takes visitors around and even the travel guide fall into this category. Their business runs due to tourism and every boost in this sector impact their overall profits. Apart from these even other huge sectors like airways also benefit from tourism. The industry has a direct impact on the GDP of a country as places like Cuba and Bahamas in the Caribbean heavily depend on tourism for maintaining its economy. 

  • Hotels

The next big contributor is of course hotels and other places of lodging where visitors come to stay. This sector also contributes vastly by providing for leisure travellers, business travellers and budget travellers. 

Many hotels have special USP and are renowned for providing an excellent and often unique experience to guests. 

  • Recreational 

The last part of hospitality and tourism is the recreational industry that plays a major role in providing guests with fun and interesting activities. This can be anything from monuments to the theatre or even a sports event. 

These are the four core parts of the hospitality and tourism industry that are responsible for churning various job roles and boosting the overall economy of a place.