You can never learn everything in seminars or from books you’ve read. Many authors or speakers won’t tell you some things because it isn’t a sure bet that it will work for you. Specific tips that work for some other persons may not work for others. Also, some secrets work under certain conditions.

So, don’t just sit but visit and discover flex my finances guides. Also, devour the tips we’ll be sharing in this article, and don’t hesitate to put them to practice. 

5 Pieces of career advice they might never tell you

  1. Risks are important 

This is one tip most people tend to ignore or avoid entirely. It is a good thing to play in the safe zone; after all, nobody runs into trouble by staying in their lane. However, this approach will only give you average results, keeping you stuck for longer than necessary.

Every successful person out there has a success story that contains risks they took at some point in their career. You must do things that are out of the normal if you want to enjoy uncommon results and benefits. As a popular saying goes, “sometimes, your breakthrough is on the other of your fears.”

  1. Be innovative

There is always something related to any field of endeavor that can fetch you a good amount of money. Do some research about your field or industry of interest. Do a background study of any companies you would like to work with. Then get committed to building an impressive Curriculum Vitae.

Sometimes, you might not find your dream job already existing in establishments. Look for problems faced by companies in your niche. Try to invent ways to solve their problems. Once you get there, you’ll become a force to reckon with and highly indispensable. Better still, create a job for yourself – be your boss.

  1. See every person you meet as an opportunity.

Many people don’t look like what they are capable of. People are important in your climb up your career ladder. Therefore, you must respect everyone you meet, irrespective of whether it’s a colleague or your employer. You have no idea how far courtesy can go.

You may not stay in your current job for long, but this doesn’t mean your colleagues can be treated anyhow. A contact who has a good record of you can be all it takes to find a juicy opportunity in the future. Don’t hesitate to show some kindness whenever you find an opportunity.

  1. Learn to persevere

Many are times when people do jobs that they don’t have a liking for. Sometimes this can be caused by the unavailability of their dream job or a wrong career choice. Such jobs can be very tough or frustrating at first and will require perseverance to stay on them.

Furthermore, you don’t expect to get to the top of the company after your first few months. You have to push consistently to boost your performance on the job. You may have your ideas turned down by your boss on several occasions. Rethink your idea; there could be something you didn’t notice initially. In the long run, you’ll get an opportunity to show what you’ve got.

  1. You need more than hard work.

It’s not enough to work tiringly during the day. There are always other alternatives on how to get things done. Before you get to do a thing, spend some time to figure out if there are other faster or better ways to get the same job done. Smart work pays better than hard work.

More so, you need to learn to be a great team member. That way, you’ll be able to work with and learn from more experienced senior colleagues. Find the key persons at your place of work and form a good report with them; you’ll need that relationship soon enough.


Always remember that not everyone will succeed following the traditional way. You need to incorporate a little more thinking than taking action. Taking a risk may not be a very safe thing to do, but you don’t want to stay stuck in your current position for long.

Make big moves and work steadily in building valuable relationships – with your boss if you can. More importantly, it pays better to incorporate some smartness into your hard work. You probably may not have been told, but we just told you.