3 Big Reasons Why Marriage Fails?

You likely know the most common reason for marriages fail. Even those who first fall in love than affection then understanding and then the realization that it takes lots of work and effort. The bitter truth is 20 percent of married couples get separated within 5 years of marriage. After they manage to set a very successful Punjabi matrimonial it is hard to blame each other for each other’s bad deed. People from unhealthy married relationships claim that complexity and varied in their bonding lead them to segregation. Reasons for divorce or marriage fails are many, tend to fall into a handful of categories. In this article below we are sharing big reasons that lead to separation in couples or marriage fails. 

Short dating period

When it comes to dating some belief making some hours for your partner is right enough. It sounds simple – You may feel your heart out and plan a trip along a date night with your spouse. Yes, there is nothing bad and of course, it sounds amazing to go for such a romantic date, but the problem here is this date night according to you only. Have you asked your spouse about it? Have you known their interest? plan what they are holding in their mind? There are various risk factors involve if after Punjabi matrimonial you do not study interest and choices of your partner that can become a reason for marriage fail.

You found looks and wealth important

Try this! try to remember the first thing you noticed in your partner. Was it a smile or bunch of notes blushing through their pocket? That could be sparkling eyes or just maybe, his wallet – particularly what was in that wallet. There is nothing wrong to be physically attracted to a person but getting attracted to their bank account may put your relationship at risk. Actually, there is no shame involved if you want someone who can bear your finance. Research shows couples who bond together just because of how financially strong spouse is an emphasis on the amount of money he or she possessed with eventually end with 1.5 times more divorced. 

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Stressed out

There are 3 kinds of stress one can encounter with episodic acute, acute, or chronic. While none of the above are good for any relationship, if one is not able to control stress, he or she bearing may end up losing up their relationship and can finish their married life. This stress can be arisen due to not managing the pressure within the relationship – the demands and pressures of old memories or demands and pressures of the coming future. The accumulation of everyday stress leads to divorce and triggers the thoughts of separation. These are the worse signs of marriage fails.


As we have come to an end, we assume you know the reasons for marriage fail better with the above 3 big reasons. You need to access the best matrimonial sites in Punjab to make sure you are on the safe side not to end with a marriage fail.

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