Different Types Of Manicure And Pedicure, Top Tips For The Best Treatment

We also want to pay attention to our nails as much as we pay attention to our hair and skin. Every time you feel like treating yourself, look into your nails if they also need a complete manicure and pedicure. Remember that accomplishment of a manicure and pedicure does not only mean to make it look prettier. During a mani and pedi, your nails are well treated so that lost beauty is reloaded. When you get a hand or feet massage after a pedicure or manicure, you also take care that your hands and feet are revived. According to nail salon expert, there are mainly four types of treatments available in manicure and pedicures, which we are going to discuss in this article:

French manicure and pedicure

This is the most practiced and possibly the most prevalent kind of manicure and pedicure beauty treatment, particularly among females. It is simple, elegant, classic, clean, and chic, and definitely, this is the main reason for its fame. A French manicure and pedicure includes the application of neutral glowing colored nail jell or polish and then white tips.

Regular manicure and pedicure  

You can call this is the basic treatment. It contains soaking your feet and hands in water with soap liquid. This procedure helps soften dead skin cells so they can be removed easily. After that, your nails will be trimmed, and your feet and skin will be cleaned. Your nail tech will also apply the nail jell that you like. Then, a foot and hand massage will be performed for a short time. If you don’t want to apply nail polish, you can ask for an added natural look by opting for nail buffing.

You have the choice to select the outline of your nails. Round, oval or square, the choice is yours. When the procedure is completed, your hands and feet will be massaged with a moisturizing lotion to maintain its healthiness. Generally, a quick message will also be provided in this treatment.

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Paraffin Nail Treatment

This is a waxy ingredient that is used for skin hydration. It is an alkaline-based material that is used wrapped the hands and feet’s so that it can carefully seep in through the skin. Apart from this action, regular mani and Pedi are also included in this treatment.

Master Pedicure Treatment

This procedure is usually costly and time-consuming as compared to manicure and pedicure treatments, which are discussed earlier. Your toenails and fingers get special beauty treatments, and it is typically a soothing practice. Depending on the nail salon, there are special cosmetics added to this treatment just to make them further special and unique than the other spas.

Master Pedicure treats various skin and nails issues, including thick toenails, ingrown toenails, dryness, fungal issues, and calluses. This pedicure treatment is suitable for diabetic clients.

Of course, regular mani peditreatment is also a part of this special spa treatment. Aside from these treatments, you may also like a quick reflexology massage. Many spas also offer a hydrating skin treatment to keep and revitalize your skin, cuticles, and nails.

Here Are Some Valuable Tips for Manicures and Pedicures

  • Having knowledge of the correct way to flat the tip of your nails can be so valuable. You can also see detriment from manicure tips on cut nails so that you face less filing in the long run.
  • Just dip the Q-tip in the nail jell remover, remove out any extra liquid, and softly remove any nail polish that is not correctly applied.
  • You can still show off lovely nails when you go on a trip, but by the time you get back, your nails might be in bad form. Technicians in the nail beauty industry suggest changing your nail jell once in a week or as frequently as you want.
  • By applying a topcoat, you may protect your nails that also increases the lifespan of your manicure or pedicure.
  • Use nail jell remover to remove away the old nail jell so you can prepare your nail for a new manicure or pedicure.
  • Whenever you use cosmetic lotion to your hands and feet, make sure to apply a little more lotion onto your finger and toenails.

One of the most fundamental manicure tips for apprentices is not to suppose excellence on the first attempt. The more you have your manicures treatment, the better you will get the results.

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