You may have first encountered Egypt at school when you learned about pyramids, dog-headed gods, and scary ways of mummification! Undoubtedly, Ancient Egypt is one of the most important and interesting civilizations in the history of the world.

Today, Egypt is an interesting place to visit, thanks to the many ancient structures and monuments that have survived to this day. And not only because of this, but there are also other reasons for a trip to Egypt: incredible beaches, unspoiled nature, national cuisine, and great weather conditions.

A pleasant surprise for tourists will also be the news that citizens of many countries do not need a traditional visa to visit Egypt. It is enough to go to the Natvisa website and request an electronic permit to travel to the land of the pharaohs.

Egypt Tourist e-Visa

Egypt Tourist evisa is a new electronic system for issuing entry permits to foreigners. You can get it without leaving your home, completely online.

The new system was introduced by the Egyptian authorities to make it easier for tourists from around the world to visit the country. It should be noted that Egypt evisa has fully justified itself – for several years of operation of this system, the number of tourists visiting Egypt has increased many times.

Tourists who do not wish to apply for an Egypt visa online can still obtain a pass upon arrival in Egypt at the airport.

Allowed Activities on Tourist e-Visa

A stay in the country on the Egypt Tourist evisa allows you to engage in the following activities:

– Tourism (visiting attractions, ethnic holidays and festivals, as well as recreational places).

– Meeting with friends and/or close relatives

– Festive visit.

Participation in any work or business activities without the appropriate permission is considered an offense and can entail the most negative consequences – from a fine to deportation from the country and a ban on crossing its border for several years.

Egypt Entry Restriction Due to Covid-19

From August 15, all citizens of foreign countries arriving in Egypt are required to present negative results of a PCR COVID-19 test. The analysis must be submitted no later than 72 hours before the time of entry into Egypt. The period of 72 hours is counted from the time and date of collection of the biomaterial in the laboratory (must be indicated in the certificate), and not from the date of receipt of the certificate.

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The certificate with the analysis results must be issued by an official laboratory, and bear the laboratory seal. Also, the certificate should contain information about the type of test carried out; it must be indicated that the person has undergone RT-PCR testing (another name – polymerase chain reaction).

The test results certificate must be issued in Arabic or English. It can be loaded into the tourist’s smartphone or be in the form of a paper original from the laboratory. The tourist must have a printed black and white or color copy of this certificate with him. Copies are collected at the airport.

During the flight, passengers must have personal protective equipment – masks and gloves. All sanitary inspection procedures will be fully applied at the entrance for all passengers (arrival/departure).

Currently, in Egypt, there are restrictions on the capacity of hotels, restrictions on movement at night, and a mask mode in public places. At the same time, tourists can move around in resorts such as Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh in peace.

Apply for Egypt Visa Online

In the online form, you need to fill in the last name and first name, date of birth, passport data: number and series, country of issue, date of issue, and expiration line of action. Please note that you only need to provide reliable data, otherwise the only thing that you will receive on your e-visa request is a refusal. In addition, you need to provide an email address. After payment, you will receive an electronic visa for it. It will only need to be printed and presented at passport control.

If we consider the process of applying for an electronic visa to Egypt in more detail, then the following stages can be distinguished:

– Create an account (the registration page is used).

– Confirm registration.

– Go through authorization.

– Select the “Application Submission” department.

– Select the type of pass, read the instructions of the system.

– Fill out the visa application form.

– Pay the fee (Visa and Mastercard are accepted).

– Wait until the application is processed.

– Receive tourist visa for Egypt by email.

– Print the paper version of the application.

The printout is presented to the visa officer at the passport control counter at the state border crossing point. All information must exactly match the passport data. Otherwise, the application is considered invalid. Unfilled and unpaid applications are automatically deleted one week after their submission.

Egypt e-Visa Cost

There is a single and multiple entry e-Visa for Egypt. The first one allows you to enter the country once and stay in it for 30 days. The second one allows the traveler to enter the country several times within three months, while the total number of days should not exceed 30 days.

The cost of these types of e-visas is:

– Single entry e-Visa to Egypt – 85 USD $.

– Multiple e-Visa to Egypt – 120 USD $.

As a conclusion, the following advantages of Egypt Tourist evisa can be highlighted:

– No need to be blunt upon arrival and look for a window where to buy a visa.

– No need to stand in line and waste time. Sometimes the process takes time.

– Simple and fast application process.

– There is an opportunity to get both single and multiple e-visa.

– When obtaining a visa upon arrival in Egypt, you can pay the fee only in cash, and in the case of electronic registration, a credit card will do.

– After processing the data, an electronic visa will be sent to your email address. It only needs to be printed out and presented at the border along with a foreign passport. The Egypt e-Visa is a great solution to speed up your entry into the country. Have a nice vacation!