How To Become A Pilates Instructor?

Pilates are becoming quite familiar with the likes of Zumba and aerobics. They are literally being replaced as Pilates seems quite appealing and satisfying. But how does one become a Pilates instructor if they are interested in the craft? 

Due to its growing popularity, you may find a few lessons online that claim to be offering the chance to become an instructor. And like most things online, some are true, and some won’t give you value. If you’re still interested in becoming a Pilates instructor, here’s how to go about it.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you get into the whole instructor mindset, you need to ask yourself five crucial questions.

And the questions are:

  1. Do you enjoy teaching? Pilates is more or less like yoga in terms of class setup. You won’t be doing it as much as you’ll be teaching. You’re an “instructor,” and it will be more of learning others than anything else.
  2. What are your interests in anatomy, body mechanics? You need to enjoy learning about the human body to be a good instructor.
  3. Do you enjoy speaking in front of a large group? If you’re introverted, this may not be the correct route for you
  4. Are you okay with job flexibility rather than stability?
  5. Are you self-motivated? You’re unlikely to have a boss breathing down your neck everyday here. But it would help if you were self-motivated to instruct.

Take A Class

People all over the world are signing up for Breathe Education. You need to take a class to learn how to teach Pilates. But first, you need to learn your own body before you can even think of instructing anyone. You need to take up as many instructor classes as you can and be consistent in taking them.

Take from various teachers as this will help you decide the kind of instructor you want to become. Once you are knuckling down, continue taking the classes to learn what’s new outside your path.

Mat or Comprehensive Certification?

The next move after you have enrolled in classes is to decide where you want to specialize in. Once you choose, you need to get certification for the same. When you go for mat classes, you’ll be teaching groups in mat classes.

You can find these types of classes mostly in gyms.

When you go for the comprehensive certification, you can teach your audience using traditional equipment. Students use trap tables, chairs, and reformers. Those are used in addition to mats. The comprehensive certificate is the one you should get when you’re looking to broaden your horizon. This certificate allows you to teach full-time, or you can even opt for the private lessons here.

As much as it is crucial for gyms, Mat certification doesn’t earn you much plaudits or money alone. Certification may cost you from $100 -$300 for the mat and around $3000 for the comprehensive certificate.

Final Thoughts

Before you engage in any trade, you need to learn the lay of the land. And when it comes to Pilates, you need to know these before you can become an instructor. If you tick all the boxes, it’s time to find a program that can teach you.

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