According to the Indian school of philosophy, there are four major goals of life around which our whole life is circulated; Artha (Economic Prosperity), Dharma (Regulation of Social Orders), Kama (Love and Sexual Pleasure), and Moksha (Achieving Salvation). So it is confirmed that from ancient times, people use to give importance to sexual pleasure.

Nowadays, for men, sexual performance and stamina – “how much time they spend in bed during sex” can be the bedroom topics of high concern. No doubt, sexual performance, and stamina both depend on the satisfaction of the partner, but still, if both are too low then they are point to worry.

If you too have lived through this situation then you must have spent your time on the Internet reading how to enhance sexual performance, boost bedtime, and avoid issues like premature ejaculation. While searching all these, you have also seen several advertisements for male enhancement products.

Penis Enlargement means the products which help in enhancing your stamina, bedtime, sexual performance, size, testosterone, and masculinity to give full physical satisfaction to both you and your partner.

In the market, there are several medical options available to come out with this issue and male sexual enhancement pills are the best ones. No doubt, it is not easy for males to use male enhancers as a safer option because of their various side effects.

But here in this blog, we are going to deep dive into male extra pills and also discuss premature ejaculation, and how male sexual enhancement pills help in boosting sexual performance and stamina to satisfy your as well as your partner’s sexual desires.

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What is Premature Ejaculation & The Average Time to Last in the Bed?

It’s not valid to discuss the average time to last on the bed because every couple has different sexual satisfaction times and if your partner is satisfied, and comfortable with your bedtime during sex then there is no point of issue. In a study, it was found that between the point of penetration and ejaculation if the average time is 5-6 minutes then it is normal.

On the other hand, the basic meaning of premature ejaculation is, when your partner thinks that sexual intercourse doesn’t last long enough. So, the major point is here, if your partner is not satisfied with the sexual intercourse and you ejaculate before it then this is considered premature ejaculation.

Don’t worry premature ejaculation or not lasting longer on the bed is not an issue only faced by you. Out of every 3 men 1 is facing the issue of premature ejaculation and to come out with that issue there are several sexual enhancement pills for men available in the market. Testosterone is also directly or indirectly increase the premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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Why Men Are Facing the Issue of Premature Ejaculation?

Nowadays, the major reason behind premature ejaculation among men is due to having unreasonable expectations for long intercourse and somewhere also due to unhygienic livelihood. If you are ejaculating during foreplay and also can’t sustain intercourse for more than 30 seconds then you need to worry unless everything is medically normal.

You can’t get the perfect answer to the question – “how long sexual intercourse is supposed to last?” If you and your partner are satisfied and enjoyed the moment then there is nothing to worry about. But if most of your attempts on bed result in premature ejaculation, you need to consult with your doctor or use pills for long-lasting in bed.

Almost 1/3rd population of the world is suffering from the problem of premature ejaculation just because of an unhygienic lifestyle, populated environment, and few childhood mistakes. But the arrival of male enhancers also known as a sex tablet for men somewhere helps in boosting sexual performance and bedtime during sex.

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What Do You Understand By Male Enhancers Pills?


Male enhancement pills, also known as the pills to make man climax faster, are herbal supplements (pills or powders) used to boost the men’s sexual performance, stamina, size of the penis, and also helps in avoiding premature ejaculation. These are health supplements marketed as enhancing male health and contain ingredients like zinc or magnesium.

These male Penis enlargement pills are marketed among men with big claims such as;

  • Increase your Penis Size
  • Boost your Stamina
  • Avoid Permanent Ejaculation
  • Increase your Sexual Performance
  • Satisfy the Sexual Desires of your Partner
  • Strengthen your Erections
  • Enhance your Sperm Count and Semen Volume
  • Reduce Stress of Early Ejaculation, and more

To use male sexual enhancement pills, you don’t need any prescription (you can take suggestions from your doctor if needed), you can purchase them from any medical stores, retail stores, and online marketplaces. These pills are majorly promoted on porn sites, forums, online ads, or through direct marketing promotions.

Most of the male enhancers are controlled by the FDA as food not as a drug because these pills are mostly supplements instead of medicines. That’s why they are easily available in the market and don’t require any approval process. These male sexual enhancement pills are spiked with sildenafil and several other medical ingredients.

But we need to understand that male Penis enlargement products aren’t recommended to everyone because there are several fake products available in the market which can badly affect your health. If you are continuously facing the issue of permanent ejaculation or erectile dysfunction then you can take suggestions from your doctor regarding pills for long-lasting in bed. 

What is the Most Effective Male Enhancement Pill?

Similar to other products, male enhancement products also have a large market scale. You can found thousands of variety of male sexual enhancement pills on various online stores, offline stores, and sex stores.

This shows that a very large population of men is suffering from premature ejaculation and can’t able to satisfy the sexual desires of their partner, and that’s why they use pills for long-lasting in bed. This increases the demand for male enhancers.

With the increase in the usage of sex tablets for men, there is a huge possibility that some of the fake products arrived in the market in the name of male enhancement products. When we discuss some of the best male enhancement pills, few of them contain ingredients that offer real and instant benefits, on the other hand, few of them contain natural ingredients which also offer benefits but aren’t approved by scientific research.

Nowadays, it becomes highly difficult for men to select the most effective male enhancement pill due to the arrival of fake products. You can find that some of the male sexual enhancement pills come with a label of ‘Natural’, but later found to contain unlabeled prescriptions that can be highly harmful if not used properly.

After intensive market research and previous records, we have come up with the best male enhancement product for you and you can use it blindly to boost your sexual life, and to give your partner a dreamed sexual pleasure. Before selecting this product, we looked at its ingredients, effectiveness, company history, customer satisfaction rate, and reviews.   

 Male Extra is the best and the most popular sexual enhancement pill for men available in the market. It’s widely used by the male to boost their energy and vitality, to enhance their sex life, to enhance sexual pleasure, and most importantly to increase the bed-time during sex.

Let’s discuss in detail about Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills Reviews

What is Male Extra Pill & How You Can Use it?

Male Extra is a widely used sex tablet for men recognized as a supplement to boost your size and stamina. It can give you a bigger and harder erection with the best sexual experience ever.

It is believed that. Male Extra expands your blood vessels of erectile tissue, thus there is an increased blood flow while having intercourse with your partner which results in a long-lasting sexual experience.

To date, more than 12million male extra pills have been sold and used by more than 3 lakh satisfied customers. That’s why; it is regarded as the most trusted and leading male enhancement product in the market.

It has a unique formula that distinguishes Male Extra pills from others and this unique formula helps you in getting better orgasms and more stamina to fully satisfy your partner. One of the best things about this pill is that it is 100% safe and prepared using natural ingredients to make your sex life enjoyable.

How Male Extra Pill Works?

What makes Male Extra one of the best male enhancement pills is its usage of powerful fusion of safe and natural ingredients which helps in boosting the size of the penis, hardness of your erection, intercourse-time, and sexual pleasure.

It mainly increases the natural oxide levels of nitric oxides in your blood. Nitric oxide is an enzyme that enlarges the blood vessels, improves blood flow, and enhances body oxygen. Improved blood flow allows your penis to deliver a harder erection which enhances your sexual pleasure with intense orgasms.

This also helps in increasing your stamina to perform longer on the bed during sex and give your partner intense sexual pleasure which she never dreamed of.

Mainly, the Male Extra sex tablet for men works in three steps;

  • During the time of erection, the tissues fill with blood and thus make your penis bigger as well as harder.
  • Male Extra pills expand the size of blood vessels that leads to the erectile tissues of your penis. Thus more blood flows in your penis while having an erection.
  • This increased blood flow leads to larger, thicker, and harder erections which increases your bedtime during sex and also allows you and your partner to experience intense sexual pleasure.

What are the Major Ingredients of Male Extra Pills?

Male Extra is a highly recognized male enhancement product that used powerful and effective formula of natural ingredients to boost your sexual stamina. It uses pomegranate ellagic 40% and L-arginine HCL in its ingredients which you can’t find in any other sexual enhancement pills for men.

Their demonstrated ability to greatly enhance the erection quality and sexual performance has explicitly chosen these ingredients. Every single ingredient used in Male Extra pills is 100% natural which means you can get the proven result by using it without any side effects.

Lists of Quantities Ingredients

Ingredients Qualities
Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid500 mg
L-Arginine HCL600 mg
Cordyceps25 mg
Zinc as Citrate45 mg
Niacin or Vitamin B318 mg
Methyl Sulfonyl Methane100 mg
L-Methionine100 mg

Detailed major ingredients are;

  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid (500mg)

It is an antioxidant polyphenol, found in fruits, vegetables, and particularly in pomegranates. Some studies have shown its efficiency in increasing penile blood flow, improving erection, and boosting sexual performance.

  • L-Arginine HCL (600mg)

Several studies have shown the effectiveness of L-Arginine in improving erection quality and sexual performance. Through this, your body produces nitric oxide which results in better blood circulation on your penis, giving you a harder and longer erection.

  • Cordyceps (25mg)

Many studies in Chinese medicine have shown the strong capacity of these funguses to improve sex drive and sexual function over thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac.

This is due to 2 chemicals, which seem to have a direct effect on the region of the brain responsible for regulating sexual desire, in Cordyceps called deoxyadenosin and cordyceptic acid.

  • Zinc as Citrate (45mg)

In testosterone production, the mineral plays a crucial role. Low levels of testosterone could lead to havoc with your libido and erections, still, most men have insufficient zinc in their diet.

Zinc in Male Extra helps to keep your testosterone stable and libido on all cylinders, protect you against zinc deficiency.

  • Niacin or Vitamin B3 (18mg)

Studies have also shown that niacin also known as Vitamin B3 can increase the erection quality and durability by calming and expanding the vibrations in the penis and increasing the blood flow to it during an erection.

Niacin also tends to minimize exhaustion and tiredness, which ensures that you can feel more energy and resilience in your bedroom to give immense pleasure to your partner.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (100mg)

Male Extra pills to make man climax faster contain sulfur-rich MSM which encourages the creation of healthy new and flexible cells in your penis that keep better blood flow during the erection and help you achieve a better sexual experience.

  • L-Methionine (100mg)

L-methionine is an essential amino acid, supposed to function by blocking the conversion of histidine to histamine hormone. Histamine plays a vital part in climaxing; the higher the concentration, the faster you can ejaculate, thus high histamine levels have been associated with premature ejaculation.

L-methionine will allow you to postpone ejaculation by reducing your histamine level, making you last longer in your bed.

How to Use Male Extra Pills?

Being the best pills to make man climax faster, Male Extra pills are easy to use. You only need to take 3 capsules of Male Extra with your meal and within 30 days you can see improvement in your sexual performance.

With the regular usage of Male Extra pills, you will notice long-lasting and harder erections with increases sexual stamina. But make sure, you continue with the Male Extra pills, because if you stopped using it in mid then your system again back to the previous stage of premature ejaculation.

What are the Benefits of Male Extra Pills?

There are several benefits of Male Extra pills and that’s why even after having lots of male sexual enhancement pills, Male Extra pills are the favorite choice of customers. Due to their unique formula and natural ingredients, these pills offer immense sexual pleasure to both partners.

No doubt, in comparison to other pills for long-lasting in bed, Male Extra has some ingredients which boost stamina, size of the penis, and also enhance the sexual desires of your body. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of using Male Extra pills;

1. Bigger and Harder Erections

With the regular use of Male Extra pills, you will notice reliable and solid erections on the penis that stay harder and bigger for a long time which enhances both your and your partner’s sexual experience.

2. Powerful Orgasms

These pills help in boosting the blood circulation in the tissues of the penis which results in stronger erections. In this way, you both will experience more intense, enjoyable, memorable, and pleasurable orgasms which will take you both in another world of romance.

3. Heightened Sex Drive

The Male Extra pills enhance your sexual desires and also increase your libido to make you ready for the bang on the bed and make a memorable day for your partner with immense sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

4. Increase Sexual Performance

Male Extra sex tablet for men helps you in attaining sexual stamina and keeps your body energetic through which you can make a good impression in front of your partner in the bedroom during sex to fulfill her every sexual desire.

5. Boost Confidence

With the use of Male Extra pills, you can experience immense confidence in your sexual skills, and this will visible on the bed while having a memorable moment with your partner. It gives you control in the bedroom over your partner and also enhances confidence in your ability to give full satisfies sexual pleasure to your partner.

6. Increase your Bed-Time

The Male Extra sex tablet for men avoids premature ejaculation and increases your time between erection and ejaculation which helps you in satisfying the sexual desires of your partner with immense pleasure.

What are the Pros and Cons of Male Extra Supplement?

Everything has two sides; one is positive and another is negative. Similar is the case with the Male Extra pills to make man climax faster. No doubt Make Extra pills are the best one in their segment to boost the sexual stamina and sexual performance of a person.

In other male sexual enhancement pills, you will find more cons than pros, but in Make Extra pills for long-lasting in bed, you will find more pros and almost negligible cons. Let’s discuss some of the major pros and cons of the male extra pills;

Use of Natural IngredientsMild Headache and Body ache
Harder and Long-Lasting ErectionsVision Changes
Intense OrgasmsIndividual intolerance to some Male ingredients
Flow in Sex Drive
Boost Sexual Stamina and Energy
Increase Sperm Count
Enhance Sexual Confidence Increased Bed-Time

Pros of Male Extra Pills:

1. Use of Natural Ingredients

Use of natural ingredients makes Male Extra pills safer to use and also give better result than other male enhancers.

2. Harder and Long-Lasting Erections

These pills enhance the blood circulation on your penis which gives harder and long-lasting erections.

3. Intense Orgasms

The Male Extra sex tablet for men helps you and your partner in attaining immense sexual orgasms while having a loveable moment on the bed.

4. Flow in Sex Drive

Help in boosting your sexual desires and you start feeling energetic to satisfy your partner on the bed.

5. Boost Sexual Stamina and Energy

With the regular use of Male Extra sex tablets for men, you will see immense growth in your stamina and sexual energy which results in better and pleasurable sexual life for you.

6. Increase Sperm Count

These pills also help in increasing the sperm count and its quality which is essential to become a proud parent.

7. Enhance Sexual Confidence with Increased Bed-Time

For a better sexual experience, confidence is a must and you can get this confidence through Male Extra pills. It also helps in boosting your bedtime while having sex with your partner.

Cons Of Male Extra Pills:

1. Mild Headache and Body ache

With the continuous use of Male Extra, sometimes you will feel a little bit of headache or body ache.

2. Vision Changes

The continuous usage of Male extra pills has a little bit effect on your vision that’s why before taking these pills for regular use, you must consult with your doctor.


No doubt male sexual enhancement pills are highly helpful for individuals facing issues in their sexual life.  The usage of Male Extra pills is highly recommended in comparison to other male enhancers because of having natural ingredients to boost your stamina and sexual performance.

 With the use of Male Extra pills for long-lasting in bed, you will feel more energetic and also see the immense pleasure in your sexual life which can be seen on the bed while having sexual moments with your partner.

One last thing for you that there are several other sexual enhancement pills for men available in the market but most of them are faked and can badly affect your sexual life as well as mental health. So, before using any sex tablet for men, you can consult with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price of Male Extra Supplement?

The price of the Male Extra supplement depends on the quantity you order. If you want a 1-month supplement then you need to pay $65, but if you want 12 months supplement then you need to pay $396. You will also get several discounts and offers to save your pocket.

Can a man achieve orgasm with the use of Male Extra Pills?

Yes, the Male Extra pills are especially created to enhance the sexual performance of men. The Male Extra supplement is made up of natural ingredients which boost your sexual desire and also give pleasurable orgasm to you and your partner.

How to Avoid Fake Male Extra Pills?

No doubt, there are several fake male sexual enhancement pills are available in the market. So, before ordering Male Extra pills, check their ingredients and you can also see its reviews.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

If you want to satisfy the sexual needs of your partner and also want to enhance your sexual life without any side effects then Male Extra is the best solution for you.

From where can I purchase these pills?

You can purchase these pills through the official website of Male Extra and can also order them online from eCommerce sites.

What are the ingredients used in Male Extra?

Male Extra pills contain various natural ingredients like Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid, L-arginine, L-Methionine, Zinc, Niacin, and Cordyceps.

Are there any side effects of taking male sexual enhancement pills?

No, there are no side effects of using Male Extra pills.