How To Create A Blog For Free And Earn Money In India?

In this article, we will learn Step by step how to earn money online with google adsense and how we can become a smartblogger and make millions of crores of rupees for free, i.e. with zero investment.

Like we said earlier that to start blogging, you need a website or blog in which you can promote your website by posting unique, reader-friendly and SEO-friendly content and earn money without investing. We will tell you in Steps By Step detail of how to start blogging in india, In which the last step is going to be carefully understood, so you read the whole article carefully and try to understand it.

Steps For How To Make Money With Google Adsense-

Step 1. Choose Any Topic For Making A Blog

Choose Topics for Blog post

Whenever we think about fast money making blog topics, the first question that comes to our mind is that on which topic the blog should be created. While choosing the topic, you must keep in mind that you choose the same niche in which you are expert, whose detailed knowledge you have and in which no one can compete with you. Checkout the 15 Best SEO Tools For Free Online.

For example- If you are Digital Marketer, you know all the concepts of digital marketing well then you can show digital marketing tutorials in your blog, you can share your knowledge with people by blogging. You can tell in your blog post that which services you offer, you can tell the unique selling point of your company to people so that more and more customers buy you services and generate income.

Step 2. Platform for Blogging (WordPress or Blogger)

Blogger vs WordPress for making money

Once your mind is set and you choose the money making blog topics, then the second step of earn money through blogging is which blogging should be done- Blogger and WordPress?

Whether you blogging on WordPress or Blogger, there is not much difference. The work of both is the same to convey information to the people. But if you create a blog on WordPress, then you get the advantage that you can customize your website. You can maintain your site according to you, on the other hand you cannot do this in blogger.

To create a website in WordPress, first of all you have to invest something, you have to buy domain and hosting, but if you want to create blogs on blogger then you do not need to buy anything, you can create a blog without investment. .

Is earning from WordPress and Blogger the same?

No, if you spend money in anything, then it is a straightforward matter that you will also get it. Earn money online weith google adsense in blogging on Blogger is high as compare to WordPress, but if you are new to the field of blogging and want to learn blogging, then you should start with Blogger, you should first learn blogging when earning starts, by creating a website on WordPress too. Take it.

Step 3. Create Pages For Blog

Create website pages for blogging

Whether you choose WordPress or create blogs on Blogger, to earn through blogging, you have to create some basic pages, which is necessary for every blog-

You can enter your contact details in the Contact Us page so that whenever a customer wants to purchase your services / products, he can reach you through the contact information provided. In this, you can tell about your email address, your mobile number or your Facebook and Instagram account.

  • About us – The next page is about us, in it you can provide important information about yourself such as who you are, what is the main aim of your website or what services do you provide.
  • Privacy Policy– Now comes privacy policies, you can tell the terms and conditions of your company in privacy policies.
  • Disclaimer– Whether it is your company or a small scale business, it is very important to give disclaimer.

Step 4. Create First Blog Post

first blog post for blogging

Once your Blog is ready, important pages are created in it, then the next step that comes is to create first blog post. Optimize your website so that people can reach you and generate traffic on your blog and you earn money through blogging.

SEO is the backbone of any website without which no website can stop for long. If you want your website to be the violence of SERP, appear on the first page of the search engine, then you have to make your content unique, reader friendly and SEO-friendly content only then you can become a part of the search engine.

Step 5. Apply For Google Adsense

apply for google adsense for earn money

Now comes the last and the most important step which is Google AdSense. If you want to make money through blogging, then you have to apply for Google AdSense. This is a very easy process. You apply for Google Adsense, then after having Google Adsense Approve, you have to put Google’s Adsense Code in your blog.

Google Adsense means advertisements provided by Google, in this way Google’s advertisement starts appearing on your blog. Just as someone will open your blog and click on Advertisement, the money will start coming in your account. You can also choose affiliate program to make money online. This is a very easy and legal way to earn money through blogging.

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So how did you find this article How to Earn Money Through Blogging? I hope all your doubts will be clear now. If you have any doubt, you can comment by asking me. We will answer all your comments and will try our best to resolve all your queries.