How to Entice Followers to Engage With Your IG Content

In case you missed it, Instagram is where it’s at — whether it’s for personal use or business use. With a user index of over 1 billion people (more than one-seventh of the world’s entire population), the platform has a way of holding our attention like no other. 

Sure, TikTok also has an impressive user base. But Instagram started it all, and it’s a platform that appeals to the masses — not just one particular age group. This app is about more than well-styled, aesthetically pleasing graphics. It’s a portal that leads directly to your customers. 

Here’s how to boost Instagram engagement in 2022. 

What Does Engagement Look Like?

When people talk about Instagram engagement what exactly does that mean? In today’s world, it’s about more than your follower count. The overall premise behind Instagram is about interaction. Engagement is the measure of how much your audience interacts with your content. 

Some of the most important metrics to keep track of when measuring engagement include: 

  • Post reshares 
  • Post likes 
  • Post saves 
  • Post comments 
  • How often you’re mentioned or tagged 
  • Your click-through rate 
  • The number of direct messages (DMs) you receive 
  • Branded hashtag use 

All of these metrics point to the fact that your audience is not just seeing your content, they are interacting with it too. And as a business, interaction is crucial for brand growth and sales.

Do you own a business page and consistently track what your competition is doing? This is a smart tactic to keep in mind, too. And don’t worry, they can’t actually see how often you visit their page! You can read more blogs on that for proof. 

Now, on to the stuff that really matters — how to boost your Instagram engagement: 

1. Understand Who Your Audience Is 

If you’ve heard this tip once when it comes to social media content, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Getting to know your audience will never get old or go out of fashion. You need to know who you’re creating content for otherwise, it’s like shooting at fish underwater. 

Your audience demographic defines the type of content you create and post. It also shapes the voice of your brand, and how often and when you publish content.

2. Authentic Content Is Key 

The above point relates directly to this one — by knowing who your audience is you can create content that matters to them. Over and above this, today’s audience wants to see content that’s real and relatable, rather than something that’s posed and polished. 

Yes, it’s important to carry through an aesthetic that relates to your brand. But at the end of the day, don’t let your content get lost behind slick marketing. Keep things real, raw, and authentic and your audience will learn to love you in no time. 

3. Make Use of Carousel Posts 

Instagram has come a long way in terms of the types of content you can share. In 2022, carousel posts are your go-to. So, make use of them as much as possible. Carousel posts allow you to post multiple images with one, meaningful caption. It’s like a mini slideshow of images (10 as the maximum). 

Research shows that carousel posts carry the most engagement across Instagram, trumping video and static images. So, if you haven’t begun creating and sharing this type of content, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon! 

4. Create High-Quality Video Content

While carousel posts are the type of content your audience wants to see at the moment, don’t make the mistake of overlooking other powerful forms of content, such as videos and stories. 

Video content is not far behind carousels in terms of popularity and rate of engagement. Instagram’s short-form video content is just what the average user wants to see, too. It’s a great way to offer your audience an insight into your business and brand, allowing them to connect with you in real-time. 

5. Captions, Captions, Captions 

Yes, Instagram started out as an app focused on sharing imagery. While the main focus of this app is still an aesthetically pleasing graphic, reel, or video, captions are more important than ever before. 

Captions are another great way for you to showcase what your business offers and share more about your brand’s identity. Well-written captions add context to your images and videos and can really strike a chord with the right audience. Ultimately, this helps to grow your brand perception and authenticity. 

It’s also an opportunity for you to connect with your audience in the comments section and boost your engagement. 

6. Create Content That’s Useful and Saveable 

More than anything, Instagram has become a platform that’s incredibly useful for millions of people across the globe. It’s a tool that millions of subscribers use to find inspiration, motivation, escapism, news, products, services, brands, and more. 

This means that the content you create must be usable and worth saving for your audience. The more saves and reshares of your content, the better your rate of engagement. 

7. Always Respond to Comments and DMs 

If you want to drive your Instagram engagement you also need to be willing to put in the work and engage with your audience. The best way you can do this is to respond to their comments and DMs on a daily basis. 

Responding to their feedback is a means of acknowledging your audience and letting them know that you’re listening to them. It’s a way to create authenticity and trust in your brand because your engagement shows that you care. 

Your audience will feel seen and heard, and that’s what counts! 

8. Make a Habit of Posting Consistently

Finally, if there is one thing that matters on Instagram it’s consistency. The more often you create content and post it, the more opportunity your audience has to engage with you. 

It’s important to draw up a posting schedule and stick to it as much as you can. Fresh daily content keeps your audience coming back for more and translates that your brand/business values Instagram as a useful platform. 

Do some research on the best time of day to post so that your audience never misses out on your content. 

Learn How To Boost Instagram Engagement and More 

If you’ve established yourself on this powerful platform but can’t seem to harness the power, these tips on how to boost Instagram engagement should get you where you need to be.  Want to learn more Instagram hacks? Or bolster your knowledge of tech, digital marketing, and more? Don’t miss out on the rest of this site! 

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