How To Open Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit (FD) Account Online In Few Easy Steps?

Open Bajaj Finance FD Online

Since time immemorial, a fixed deposit (fd) has existed as one of the best investment options for all class of people. Why? It offers a higher interest rate based payouts along with a fixed return on investment (ROI). As compared to other investment options such as mutual funds, equities and more where market conditions determine ROI, it’s not the case with an FD (Fixed Deposit).

FD For Salaried Employee

If you are a salaried employee or a retired individual, you can make the most of the fixed deposit pan of a non-banking finance company (NBFC) than a bank to enjoy a higher ROI. In the same context, a fd scheme from Bajaj Finance is feature-rich FD plan to help to in great ROI. Let’s list out some for a quick look!

Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit Benefits & Features

1. Best return on your investment

If you are a standard citizen, you can enjoy good interest rate payouts on your fixed deposit with Bajaj Finance. A senior citizen can gain best rate of interest as the ROI. There is no point in keeping your money idle in a bank savings account and earn just 4%. Move it to Bajaj Finance fixed deposit and make your money work for you.

2. No threats to your investment

Bajaj Finance fixed deposit is laced with CRISIL’S FAAA/stable and ICRA’s MAAA /stable rating. It means that your investments are never at risk.

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3. Fixed and assured returns

Unlike Mutual funds where a fluctuating market condition impacts the ROI, you get to avail an assured return on your investment with Bajaj Finance FD Account.

4. Minimum deposit of just Rs.25,000

You need not put in a large amount of money to get started with a Bajaj Finance fixed deposit scheme. You are allowed to start your investment with only Rs.25,000.

5. Wider tenor to help you out

Enriched with a wide tenor ranging between 12 and 60 months, you get to enjoy a wider tenor.

6. FD calculator to help you know an exact ROI

Bajaj Finance FD also lets you access a free tool called FD calculator to know your exact profit. Once you enter a fd amount along with a tenor, it provides you with an exact figure.

7. Online application process

You can enjoy an online application process to help you save time and energy as you can sit in your living room and apply any time.200+ branches across the country. Bajaj Finance FD is offered in 200+ cities across India, to help cover and serve you entirely.

8. 24/7 Online account management

Opening Bajaj Finance fixed deposit also lets you access the entire details of your fixed deposit on the go. As a result, when you are aware of your fixed deposit account details from anywhere on the internet. It helps you keep track of your investment without hassles.

The Bottom Line

Opening a fixed deposit account with a NBFC such as Bajaj Finance can let you avail great degree of ROI. Yes, along with higher and assured returns, you get to make the most of the discussed advantages super easy. If you are looking to invest in an online fd, you can rely on the Bajaj FD and apply now!

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