During hot summers, surfboards become a source of recreation for sea surfers during their leisure time. Surfboards are a beguiling yet expensive recreational tool. You know how expensive surfboards are and one needs a proper skillset for surfing; otherwise, surfing can prove to be dangerous and life-threatening. Summers are comparatively longer than winters so surfers get ample time to enjoy surfing. Surfboards if used excessively become dirty and a layer of dirt covers its surface. This layer is of wax with dirt particles that stick to the board when it comes in contact with the sea dirty water. This wax needs to be removed as everyone knows how expensive are surfboards are and it isn’t easy for the surfers to purchase it again. Wax covering the surfboard diminishes the service and activity of surfboards that means it needs to be eradicated to enhance surfing. Usually, there are 2 to 3 methods of removing the layer of wax from the surfboard but the most effective one is briefed below.

Step 1: Apply Heat To Soften The Wax

Applying heat to the wax melts it and makes it relatively easy to remove from the surface of surfboards. You can soften the surfboard using different heating methods. As you know how expensive surfboards are, you cannot easily peel off the wax without melting it. For this purpose, you can either use a hairdryer or a hot water bath. Both of the methods can successfully loosen the grip of the wax on the board. If you cannot apply either of these methods then you should simply place the surfboard directly under the sharp sunlight.

Step 2: Scrap Or Peel Off The Wax

Once the wax is softened, you can effortlessly scrap off it using a card or knife. An old bank card is much effective in wax to remove as it doesn’t damage the surface material of the surfboard. Run the old credit card against the surfboard surface and scrape off the wax. By scrapping the edges you can then peel off the wax.

Step 3: Remove All The Large Particles

Gentle scrapping can remove more than half of the layer of the wax. You can also peel off the large segments of the wax. Once all the large wax residues are removed then move towards the small ones.

Step 4: Apply The Wax Ball To Pick Up Scraps

Small wax particles are hard to remove as they are tiny and many. For this purpose, take a wax ball and move it against the surfboard’s surface. Small wax particles will stick to the large wax ball and the surfboard will become wax-free and clean.

Step 5: Repeat The Process

Occasionally, some hard wax remains stick to the surfboards, and to remove it efficiently, you need to repeat the process once or twice. After complete wax removal, the surfboard will become shiny and its performance will enhance. The process should be repeated monthly for the better surfing performance of the surfboard.

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