How to Write Application Letter in English Language?

Are you facing issues in writing a perfect application in English language? No doubt, application writing is an important part of life and at different life stages, we all need to write application for different purposes like as a student, we write a letter to Principal/teacher, as an employee, we write job letter, sick leave letter, marriage letter, etc. and as a citizen, we write application for different Government firms for issues like electricity, damaged roads, etc.

A perfect application in English language highlights your points more to the receiver and also boosts your confidence. Moreover, in most cases, we see that an application with proper format and wording encourages the chances of your application to be got selected.

Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can write a perfect application in the English language for different purposes like a job application, sick leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, etc. We will also discuss the format and sample of different types of applications and believe after reading it properly, you can easily write the best application in English language.

Different Types of Applications and Letter: Format and Sample

In your entire life, you need to write different types of applications and as an employee; you regularly need to write an application and that too with perfection. As an employee, you write applications like job vacancy, sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, bank statement, etc. So here, we will share the format and sample of different types of applications that help you in writing a perfect application in the English language.

1. Job Vacancy Application in English Language

A job vacancy application is a document that you submit as a potential employer to show your interest in an open position in an organization. The job application explains about yourself and how you are applicable for the opening vacancy.

A perfect job vacancy application in the English language can impress the hiring manager and set you apart from other candidates. That’s why, you need to showcase your personality in the job vacancy application.

How to Write a Job Vacancy Letter In English Language?

  • Analyze information about the opening position and company
  • Start the application by describing your interest
  • Outline your experience, skills, and qualifications
  • Add different aspects of your personality
  • Don’t forget to express appreciate
  • Close the application

Example of Job Vacancy Application

You can use this sample application to write your job vacancy application in English language.

Harry Mark

470, Apple Street

New Delhi, 10001


August 17, 2021

Sarah Jekins

Hiring Manager

Jekins Consulting Ltd

A46, Sector-00

Noida, UP, 10008

Dear Ms. Jekins

I am reaching out to you after founding the vacancy for the HR consultant in your organization on I am highly interested in this opening position and would appreciate your consideration as an applicant for the role.

In my previous work experience, I worked across several industries in human resource departments. Currently, I have worked as a Human Resource Manager for the past two years. Before my current job, I worked as an HR assistant for 3 years, which describes my ability in my career.

As a result of my strong desire to serve others, I have found great satisfaction in human resources, where I provide support to my coworkers and aid them in ways that are both personally and professionally beneficial. Due to my interest in solving common HR issues, I believe I would be a great asset to your firm. Since this consulting role requires me to interact directly with a large number of clients, I believe that my innovative personality and strong skill set will aid me in succeeding.  I also have strong communication skills, which are very important for the HR field, and together with this; I also have a master’s degree in Human Resources from XYZ University.

I appreciate your time in reviewing this application and hope to hear some positive news regarding the hiring process. If you have any other questions or require any additional information, feel free to contact me.


Harry Mark

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2. Sick Leave Application in English Language

Even as a student or as an employee, it is mandatory to inform higher authorities while taking sick leave through a sick leave application. But most of them failed to write a proper sick leave application in English language. So, to make it easy for employees and students, we are providing the most appropriate format for sick leave applications.

How to Write a Sick Leave Letter In English Language?

  • Addressing the concerned person
  • Subject line
  • Proper reason for leave
  • Number of days or leaves required
  • Details of your work compensation
  • Name and Signature

Example of Sick Leave Application by an Employee

The Hiring Manager

Name of the Recipient

Subject – Sick leave application for two days


I am writing this application to notify you that I (Your name) am suffering from viral fever since last night and that’s why I want sick leave from work. I got a fever last night and after check-up doctor suggested me to take bed rest for at least 2 days I am not able to come to the office for the next two days to get the proper recovery and will also attach the doctor’s report for your reference.

Kindly grant me a leave for two days and in case of any emergency work, I will be available on calls. In my absence, for important work, I have notified (name of the colleague) to handle the work to assure that all deadlines are met.

Hopefully, you will understand my situation and grant me a leave for the mentioned period.

Thanks for the consideration

Yours Sincerely

(Your Name)

3. Marriage Leave Application in English Language

For marriage purposes, every organization gives leaves for its workers. But, the claimant needs to give a prior application for the marriage leave with a clear date, time, and place of the marriage together with the attached marriage invitation card. An employee writes a marriage leave application to inform his/her managers and HR department about his/her leaves to attend marriage his/her marriage or relatives.

Most of the organizations quickly accept marriage leaves if given with an attached wedding card and with prior notice. A simple marriage leave application in English language format for own marriage is discussed below.

How to Write Marriage Leave Letter In English Language?

  • Address the application to the seniors
  • Can encircle the marriage invitation
  • Mention the exact days of leave and resumption
  • Also, mention the reason for the request
  • Use formal language
  • Share the exact date, time, and venue of the function
  • Take the name of a colleague to back you up in your absence
  • Add name and signature at the end of the application

Example of Marriage Leave Application in English Language


David Shah

Senior HR Manager

IDBI Bank,


17th August 2021

Subject: Marriage Leave Application for 10 days


I am Jack Sharma from the loan department and working in your department as a loan agent. I am writing this letter to notify you of exciting news that on 15th September 2021, my marriage is fixed and I am going to attach a wedding invitation with this letter. Due to the marriage function, I want leave for ten days starting from 12th September 2021 to 21st September 2021.

 On the evening of 15th September 2021, there is a dinner and I have already invited all my colleagues. Hopefully, you will also join the party and bless us.

Kindly grant me leave for ten days and hopefully, you consider this application as formal information of my marriage leave.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Sharma

4. Maternity Leave Application in English Language

A maternity leave application is allocated to women to take care of themselves during pregnancy and take care of their newborn baby after delivery. Even a man can take maternity leave (only a few organizations allow this), but for a lesser time whereas a woman can take leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. An employee needs to plan her maternity leave to take most of the maternity benefits offered by the company and this application also allows a manager to efficiently manage the workload in your absence.

Let’s discuss how to write an effective maternity leave application in English language.

How to Write Maternity Leave Letter In English Language?

  • Review the rules of your company on Maternity leave
  • Add the address and date on the top
  • Include recipient name and address
  • Add a subject line
  • Greet the recipient
  • Describe the purpose of the application in the starting paragraph
  • Specify the way of communication with you in case of emergency work
  • Close the application with thank you and your sign and signature
  • Submit application on-time

Example of Maternity Leave Application

Here is an appropriate example of a maternity leave application in the English language which you can use as a sample to write for your own.


Mrs. Kavita Kotwani

122, Saket

New Delhi – 11005*

17th August 2021


Rachit Kapoor

HR Manager (OR Operations)

00, Nehru Place

New Delhi – 110000

Subject: Maternity Leave Application for 26 Weeks


I am writing this letter to notify you about my pregnancy and planning to take 26-week maternity leave starting from 10th September 2021 to 10th March 2022. My expected delivery date is 6th November 2021. After maternity leave, I will join the office most probably from 11th March 2022. Before leaving the office, I will make all the efforts to complete all ongoing tasks and also suggest one of my colleagues to take charge of my project in my absence.

Thank you in advance for considering my maternity leave application and allowing me to spend some time for myself and the coming baby. I am attaching the entire medical certificate related to my pregnancy along with this application. Please let me know if any other formalities are needed to complete.

Yours Sincerely,

Kavita Kotwani (sign)

5. Letter for Bank Statement in English Language

Letter for bank statement is a type of application written for the branch manager of the bank by requesting to issue the bank statement for a particular duration. In general, the bank statement includes all the transactions done by the customers, and sometimes due to some transactions issue, they request to issue a bank statement by writing an application for the branch manager.

Now, we can get bank statements online, but sometimes because of official work or urgency, they demand hardcopy of bank statements. For this, you need to a write letter for the branch manager to generate a bank statement. Here, we will discuss the appropriate format of writing a letter for bank statement in the English language.

How to Write Letter for Bank Statement in English Language?

  • Include Branch Manager Name, Address, and Bank Address
  • Mention the Date of writing a letter
  • Add Account’s holder name and address
  • The subject line is a must
  • Ensure to add salutation and after that mention account holder’s identity and account number details
  • The letter must be concise and clear
  • Also, include the dates from which to which bank statement needed

Example of Letter for Bank Statement in English Language

Refer to the below letter as a sample to write an appropriate letter for a bank statement in the English language.


The Branch Manager


Sherpur Branch

Delhi – 10000

17th August 2021


Mr. Jarry Singh

Wazirabad, Delhi – 11000

Subject: Request for Issuing Bank Statement from 15th July 2021 to 10th August 2021


I am Jarry Singh writing this letter requesting you to provide me the bank statement in urgent from 15th July 2021 to 10th August 2021. I have an account in the name of Jarry Singh at your Sherpur branch with the account number 12345678901. I need the bank statement because of some urgency in my office.

Therefore, I am requesting you to kindly provide me the bank statement at the earliest. I will be highly grateful to you.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Jarry Singh

Wrap Up

After reading this blog properly, you will never face issues in writing an effective application in English language. You can use the above-discussed examples to write applications for different purposes and increase the chances of your application being selected.

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