Why Is It Important to Install Software Updates?

Did you know, unpatched vulnerabilities cause one out of three cyber security breaches?

If you have software installed on your computers, you’ll need to do a software update to seal vulnerabilities. The above revelation shows how you risk losing data and money if you don’t do software updates from time to time. Software updates can be annoying at times, but skipping them should not be an option.

Why is it important to install software updates? Read along to get pointers as to why you should keep your software up to date.

To Seal Security Holes

Hackers are always trying new ways to penetrate software by looking for penetration holes. A malware is deployed to either get information from the software or make it malfunction. Some might go to the extent of demanding a ransom to release data they have salvaged from your software.

It’s thus advisable to have a patch management plan where you update the software on a regular basis to seal such vulnerabilities. The software patches update the security of your software to make it hard for hackers to penetrate.

To Protect Your Data

Data is the new oil, and now more than ever, businesses must protect their data at all costs. In most malware attacks, hackers want to steal valuable data. Your first line of defense is to ensure you keep software up to date to give hackers a hard time trying to penetrate your systems.

In most cases, it takes companies months and a lot of money to get back their data after a malware or ransomware attack. For more information on malware protection, check out 8 ways to prevent malware.

If you lose your customer’s data to hackers and investigations find out it was because of your negligence, you risk getting penalized. Updating your software is a step towards complying with the data protection act and keeping hackers out.

Get New Features

Updating your software not only makes the system secure but also you get new features and improved functionality. A certain function in the software might have some flaws which are fixed when the software gets updated. The update also removes outdated features and bugs that cause the system to malfunction.

Updating software makes it more stable and enhances the performance and speed at which it completes tasks. Chances are you won’t experience crashes anymore once the software program gets updated.

To Enhance Compatibility

In most cases, software needs to be up to date to enhance its compatibility with your computers. The software should be up to date to interact with the computer system’s drivers better, to offer a good user experience. Your computer might have compatibility issues when running an older version of the software.

Protect Your Data by Keeping Your Software up to Date

The above reasons are valid enough as to why you should keep your software up to date. Create a patch management plan for your business to ensure all the software you’re using is up to date. Found this article informative? Check out our other blogs on Marketing, Business, and Technology.

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