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In this 21st century world, everything around us tends to change at a quick pace. From booking tickets for movies to withdrawing cash, everything has become digitized. Who is responsible for this online automatic system? It’s the software! Software not only provides us with an easy way of carrying out work but also gives accurate results of everything that we desire. It’s the software that has made our lives easy and flexible. Nowadays we don’t have to form a queue in front of cinema halls or shopping malls or stand with our dollars to deposit in a bank.

What is the Power BI?

To combine and patch all your unrelated data sources into something more coherent, visually with meaningful insights, there is a collection of software services called Power BI. Whatever your data, be it a spreadsheet in Excel or a PowerPoint presentation, Power BI acts as a connector and transforms your data into a model with graphs and charts and provides accurate visuals of it.

It is used for interactive data visualization for the benefit of the users. It provides a lot of career opportunities in its domain. You can learn this through Microsoft Power BI Training.

Some of the career opportunities one can avail with Power BI are:

(1) Power BI Data Analyst

They examine the company data and probe into various ways to discover how to improve their position in the market by analysing the data of their competitor companies.

They blend the data in such a way to produce an effective, rich, and meaningful presentation of the data.

They work alongside data scientists and help in creating the collection of jumbled data into something more coherent and insightful.

They are hired by- TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, and they get paid a yearly package of Rs 4.4 lakhs.

(2) Power BI Developer

They are more into administering and developing the software process. They analyze different reports, dashboards, scoreboards, and connect the imported data for business intelligence.

With a strong analytical mind and problem-solving abilities, a BI developer understands the business requirements and accordingly creates the data models with the help of different resources. They are usually hired by Accenture, Gartner, Global Foundations, Microsoft,

Wipro etc.

They are paid a handsome salary of Rs 4.7 lakhs yearly based on their experience.

(3) Power BI Software Engineer

They are the creators and test runners of software from beginning to end. They are the ones who discuss and brainstorm to meet the client’s requirement of a particular request.

They are the mastermind behind all computers and software. They are the ones who take care of the software needs of the users. They are usually hired by Accenture, Tavat Consultancy, Tech Mahindra, INKEY, Microsoft, and others.

They are usually paid a package of Rs 4.4 lakhs yearly along with other perks and facilities.

(4) Power BI Analyst

They design and develop the power BI dashboard along with solving business problems and advice visual solutions. They work closely with clients and help them in making sound and accurate business decisions.

Clients will report requirements to them and they convert those reports into something eye-soothing, user-friendly dashboards by using Microsoft Excel, etc. they are the marketing team of the company. They are hired by multinational companies like:

Commvault, WNS, Genpact, Larsen and Turbo, and so on.

They are paid around Rs 4.9lakhs yearly.

(5) Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

They act as a bridge to maintain the formal working relationship between the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other top management personnel with the other working units.

Their job is to entail and analyze the financial reports of a company and solve other monetary issues and problems.

They transform data into valuable business insights. They are paid a lucrative amount of Rs 4.5 lakhs annually for their skills and expertise in complex event processing.

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Some of the companies in India and the World who demand Power BI professionals are

(a) Deloitte.

(b) Dell Computers.

(c) HCL Technologies

(d) Capgemini Technologies.

(e) Infosys.

(f) Mitsui Banking sectors.

(g) Gartner.

(h) Adobe.

Other than this, one can work as a freelancer by making databases, data visualizations, and reports. The earning of a freelancer depends on his bidding and years of experience in this technological field. One can earn a minimum of $300 per hour based on his skills and

competence. Online Power BI Course is your key to the success.


Power BI has become the leading BI tool in business analytics. In present times, there is much craze and demand for power BI professionals who are certified in big multinational companies. The

Power BI jobs not only provide lucrative positions and salaries but also provide ample scope for you to get a chance to work with top industries of the world. Not only do they integrate effortlessly with

other already existing applications but also they provide a secured report of every work done. With the fast-paced world, we all need a system where we can avail quicker responses and solutions to

our business-related problems. That’s where Power BI comes in use!

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