How to Make Maths the easiest subject?

Mathematics is a scoring subject and is considered to be easy by a whole lot of students. The rest of the students envy the lot and wonder how a subject like mathematics can be considered easy. It has a huge number of steps where the answer can go wrong and numerous methods by which the questions can be solved. This can sound scary for students and leads them to have less confidence in themselves while solving the mathematics questions. Mathematics involves a huge number of questions and an even larger number of ways to solve the questions. How can the students who find mathematics tough make it the easiest subject? This is the topic that will be covered in this article. Mathematics, even though it is found to be scary, can be made into something that the students will enjoy and solve. After following the methods given in this article students will find themselves not fearing the subject anymore. The huge number of question types will not scare them anymore as they will believe in themselves and solve the questions with the knowledge they acquired throughout the year of preparation. 

1. NCERT books

NCERT books have a huge place in the hearts of teachers and the students alike as it provides them with a huge number of questions. The number of questions and the huge variety of questions is one key factor why NCERT textbooks are considered to be the best material. It helps the students build a solid foundation and also to take it further by solving high-level questions. Students will develop the confidence to solve the questions as they keep solving the textbook questions. Students often tend to take the NCERT textbook for granted and try solving huge books by foreign authors. Students must note that the exam papers are set with the help of the questions from the NCERT textbooks and the book in itself can be enough for the preparation. Being thorough with the textbook is enough for the students to score well. To make the subject easier for themselves students must keep solving the problems by allocating time for solving every day. Students must not take off days as discipline and commitment are two things that will help them achieve anything that they considered impossible previously. The daily act of studying will reward them in the form of good results in time. 

2. Revision

After covering a certain topic, students come back to it only before the exam. This must not be the case. Studying only helps store the topic in memory for a short amount of time. Revising from time to time will help them to jog their memory and retain the topic in their brains for a longer time. Revising question types and solving them is of essence to keep the questions and their types at their fingertips. The revision process is important for every subject. Revising, noting the important formulae, and being thorough with them is essential for a subject like mathematics. As students revise and solve more problems, they will find themselves enjoying the process of solving problems and in turn enjoying the subject of mathematics. This is the start of making the subject easier for themselves. 

3. Reference books

RS Aggarwal Class 11 Solutions Chapter-15 can be referred to to understand the types of questions clearly. While NCERT is considered enough for studying, this reference book provides additional solidifying of the foundation upon which the examination depends. The neat and clean arrangement of topics will help the students to prepare the topics for their exams. These books are written and corrected over the years and can be a trusted source for the students. They can confidently believe in this resource. There are numerous reference books online and for sale, promising to be the best, in the examination point of view but are often not up to the mark. The given textbook above can be of help to the students by giving them more questions, as the students may realize, they would need additional problems after completing the NCERT textbook numerous times. The reference book is loved by the teachers to be an additional aid and is considered to be one of the most essential books out in the market. 

4. Mental and Physical health

While solving maths problems students tend to feel tired and the fatigue takes a toll. Solving plenty of problems the first day can make them sick of the subject. Taking it up a notch step by step is of importance. They must increase the number of problems they solve day by day. This is important as they will exhaust themselves if they try to do everything on day one. Overworking on the first day is ironically inefficient in the long term. Working and increasing the work step by step is the way to go with mathematics. While constantly working, students need to remember that physical fitness is as important as mental fitness. They must save half an hour a day to walk. They can also take the stairs instead of an elevator. Small things like that can help them stay at their physical best. Students need to avoid fatty foods as they can often induce sleepiness and make them lethargic. Fruits and dry fruits can help keep them active while also being a healthy choice in food. 


Anything can be made possible, students need to have this level of confidence while studying for their mathematics examination. They can make the subject easy for them with sheer effort and constant work. Constant work will lead them to the success that they long for. Mathematics is an easy-scoring subject for students who are ready to persevere and act upon their dreams.

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