Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Use

As a small business, you know that every single marketing dollar is important. The second you start wasting money, this gives impetus to competitors, and you fall behind. After a global pandemic, marketing strategies are even more important. Here are some of the best options in 2021!

Honesty and Integrity

Although not a specific marketing strategy, all businesses need to act with honesty and integrity in this post-COVID environment. How does the business protect staff members? How does it help customers? What causes do you support? Customers have no time for businesses that hide the truth, so be on the side of right. The pandemic affected everybody, and it brought businesses closer to customers. Utilize this fact by acting honestly and by keeping an open line of communication with customers.

Content Marketing

You might be avoiding content marketing because of a poor experience in the past. Previously, content marketing was all about cramming as many keywords into an article as possible. Thankfully, Google and other search engines are now able to differentiate between quality and keyword stuffing.

Consequently, you need genuinely useful content on your website. Even as a small business, changes in search intent mean that Google is showing people the most relevant web pages rather than just the biggest. Answer the questions of customers, write solid guides and how-to articles, and watch as the readers come flooding in.

Influencer Marketing

In 2021, influencer marketing is only growing more powerful. Why? Because the world has just had 18 months sitting at home not being able to leave the house. People are consuming more online content, and this includes content from influencers. As a small business, you don’t need to partner with one of the Kardashians. Instead, find somebody with a small following within your niche. As you work together, you expose the brand to new people. Venture off the beaten path, and look at online marketing websites like for inspiration, and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Email Marketing

As before, this is another marketing strategy that comes with all sorts of preconceptions and misconceptions. To clear up any confusion, email marketing is still alive and very effective for many businesses. Small businesses should try email marketing because it allows you to build an email list early (something important considering the move away from third-party data).

Email services are improving, and this allows for personalization and an end to blanket emails. Also, users have more control over their inboxes, and this means that people read emails again.

Referral Marketing

One thing that small businesses don’t have compared to their larger counterparts is a large budget. Why not get existing customers to do some of the selling with a referral marketing scheme? If you haven’t seen these before, the idea is to reward customers who refer your service to other customers with a discount (or another incentive).

Since customers will only recommend the brand to people who will like it, you get qualified leads, and everybody wins.

Social Media

Lastly, how can a guide on marketing strategies for small businesses ignore social media? In this day and age, social media is critical for businesses of all sizes. You can create paid ad campaigns, communicate with customers, answer common questions, generate excitement around new products, get product ideas, manage negative feedback, and so much more.

As a bonus tip, don’t just choose Facebook and Instagram because they’re the biggest platforms. Instead, think about your audience and how you can resonate with them. For instance, some small businesses get more from Pinterest or Reddit than from Facebook. This year, use marketing strategies that will benefit your small business the most. While some focus on email marketing, others produce high-quality videos. Good luck!

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