NCERT books are regarded as the best while preparing for board exams. They help one understand the basics of the topics and help to gain in-depth knowledge. These books are written by researchers and scholars who have expertise in their field. They help to lay a solid foundation for the subject. The solutions provided in the NCERT books are relevant and accurate, and there is no doubt that they are incorrect. There are all types of practice questions like short answer types, long answer types, fill in the blanks, and one-line questions at the back of each chapter for practicing the concepts along with the solutions. The solutions in these books are also explained in detail. It helps the students to know what was asked in the question and how the result was achieved. The concepts are explained using a variety of models, graphs, and presentations, which make it very easy for students to grasp the concept and gain a thorough understanding. These nooks can easily be understood by an average student. These books are self-preparatory as one can easily read the topics and understand them. Some of the benefits of NCERT solutions for class 10 are discussed below.

1) Helps in building a foundation of the subject: This book contains the basics of all the chapters, like tips, tricks, formulas, etc., which are easy to understand by the students. These books are written by scholars who have full knowledge of the subject. The solutions given in these books are according to the chapters. The answers are explained in a way that students can see the solution and know how the result is derived. They help in strengthening the hold on the topic, and this is important during the initial period of preparation for the students.

a) Assist in the initial days of preparation: These books are useful when one begins to prepare for a subject for a board exam. One should go through NCERT before practicing other reference books. The topics in these books are explained through a lot of examples and illustrations that help to build a strong foothold on the subject. This helps to score better in the board examinations.

2) Provides for proper planner-The NCRT books help students build a plan that outlines how they need to prepare for the exam. They contain previous years’ question papers along with the solutions. Students can practice answering previous years’ question papers to get a sense of the types of questions that have been asked in previous exams. One can know the weightage of every question asked and plan the topics accordingly. It helps one know which topics need more concentration.

3) Revises easy-NCERT books are helpful during the revision time. During the revision, they help one save a lot of time. They provide one with quick and easy revision. They demonstrate examples and illustrations that are provided through revision. One just needs to look at the topics and go through the practice tests once before attempting their board exams. They help to give a final touch to the preparation that one has done and score better.

a) Improve your score, get better results: NCERT books can help you get better grades in your board exams. They provide one with practice tests and question papers at the back of the chapter. Practicing these questions helps to build confidence among the students. All questions are provided at the back of the book, like fill in blanks and short answer types. Practicing all questions helps to excel in board examinations and score better. One can look for the solutions to the questions that he is not able to solve from the back to know how the result is reached. NCERT solutions are the best books when preparing for board exams or any competitive exam. They make the doubts and queries clear in an easy manner. They help create the basics of the topics and help to build a stronghold on the topics. They are especially helpful when one is just getting started with their preparation, i.e. at the beginning. They are also helpful during the revision period, as one is just required to overlook the topics before going for their exams. The NCERT books are prepared according to the curriculum prepared by the board, so there is no chance of any topic being missed. They help students make proper planners for their preparation based on the previous question papers and practice tests provided in these books. Students prepare according to the weightage given to the questions. These books help to enhance the problem-solving and reasoning abilities of the students. NCERT Class 10 books are regarded as one of the best books for preparation. Infinity Learn is a website that provides solution topic wise and chapter wise. One must prepare themselves from these books first before preparing from the other reference books.