Pedestrian-Friendly Cities in the Midwest

The midwest is a widespread out area that doesn’t seem to have room for pedestrians in many cities.  From the wild traffic of Chicago to the lack of walkable areas in Detroit: how do you find a city that speaks to your needs as a pedestrian?

These are the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the Midwest, and why pedestrian-friendly areas matter.

Why Pedestrian Friendly Cities Matter

As pedestrians, we may not think we have the right of way in many situations: but we deserve to be able to use the spaces that are made for us.  This means sidewalks, clear roads, safer neighborhoods, and closer shopping areas, so you don’t have to walk through eight miles of suburbia to get to a store.

Pedestrian-friendly cities are family-friendly, great for anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t drive a car, and give you the chance to seek out greener forms of transit.  This is better for the environment and fantastic for the people who live in these areas. 

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Walk Score: 94.1.

If you want to live in an area that’s not only pedestrian-friendly but also pushes the idea of biking or walking between work or events: you’ll love Ann Arbor!  This awesome city is the most walkable mid-sized area, fantastic for catching Wolverine Games at the Big House, and has awesome theaters and entertainment.  This is a great place to start a family and get to feel like you’re in a community. 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Walk Score: 93.2.

If you’re looking for a city that takes your safety seriously, it’s time to check out some Milwaukee houses for sale!  Downtown Milwaukee is easy to walk around and navigate, with over 36 of its neighborhoods being labeled as a walker’s paradise or very walkable.  For visitors to the city that don’t want to have to rent a car for their time here: you’ll love how much it is within walking distance! 

Cincinnati, Ohio

Walk Score: 92.0.

Downtown Cincinnati is a great area for pedestrians who want to avoid driving around after work.  Instead, you can easily walk to bars, restaurants, and more!  The endless entertainment options here mean that you can have a lot of fun without risking terrible traffic or dealing with having to get in and out of your car while you explore the area. 

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Walk Score: 93.8.

Grand Rapids is a pedestrian’s dream come true!  The East Hills Council of Neighbors advocated for better parks and redevelopment, and in recent years the area has made these changes.  This has allowed far more walkable areas, more businesses to open, and further changes that have made this an easy area to explore.  Although this was initially mostly in the East Hills area, the changes are sweeping across the entire city of Grand Rapids.

Find a City That Values You!

It’s easy to accept what you have in a city without questioning it: but everyone deserves a city they can love.  Consider one of these pedestrian-friendly areas to settle down in!

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