10 Steps to Prepare for class 9 Math Olympiad


The Olympiad exams are one of the most well-known assessments that students are mainly aware of. From having several benefits to just making candidates practice and revise their previous knowledge, the Olympiad exams are a good additional milestone for many to clear. The 9th Grade is a good and optimal time for students to improve and hone their skills even further. This is because there is still time for their board exams in the 10th Grade which holds more priority for their future.

For students who undertake this exam, it can be quite a challenge to prepare for it, especially when they’re newcomers to the whole idea. Today, this article will guide you through 10 easy and simple steps that will enhance the way one can prepare for the class 9th Olympiad exams. 

10 easy steps to prepare for class 9th Olympiad 

Check the syllabus 

Class 9 is a pivotal period in the lives of all students. While many pupils in this grade are under excessive academic stress, Olympiad exams come to be incredibly beneficial to all participants since they provide them with immense practice opportunities. About the syllabus, it goes together with the school syllabus. Students can also compare their school syllabus with the Olympiad curriculum. There are six different subjects for the exam and their respective syllabus is available on the official website. Students need to ensure that they are well-versed with the syllabus so that aspirants are prepared and score well. 

Create your plan

As the Olympiad exams expose students to a wide range of advanced-level questions, having a planned strategy to crack the exam becomes essential. Students must prepare a study plan as per the syllabus and portion and allocate time for the same. Students should divide the number of topics by the number of days left for the exam and also save the last month leading up to the exam for revision only. Creating a plan and structure will not only reduce unnecessary stress but will also give students the time to clarify doubts.

Get your concepts right

Olympiad questions are all concept-based and objective types, so you need to emphasize the basic concepts in mathematics.

The basic concepts in mathematics are algebra, geometry, calculus, probability theory and statistics. These are the topics that students should spend more time on to do well in Olympiads.

Note the important formulas

When it comes to studying mathematics, students must learn all the formulas and methods to solve a particular question. This is a key requirement for answering math problems. Hence, it’s suggested that students should note all the needed formulas and methodologies on one sheet that can be used to remember them. 

Read reference books

Currently, there are multiple sources from which students can get references, all thanks to the internet. However, students must be careful while they access these study materials since not all resources out there are aligned with the Olympiad syllabus. The best reference books available are the NCERT textbooks that have been formulated by professionals hence are very easy to study from. Also, students must search for good books that help to study the Olympiad exams and even provide a good set of practice questions for students to use. 

Solve papers of previous years

To ace any exam, students should solve a lot of past papers to get good practice. When pupils practice attempting the IMO Sample Paper 2 with Answers For Class 9, they can understand at what pace they should write. 

Practice from workbooks

Another effective way to prepare for the Olympiad exams is to practice solving workbooks. These books have chapter wise questions that aid students to get good practice for each unit. 

Revise before exams

One of the main advantages of revising is that students can retain much more knowledge than without it. This is certainly helpful for students when they are answering questions. Revising will boost the memory of a pupil and thus it’s certainly significant to do a brief revision. There are many effective techniques available for productive revision, for example, flashcards, short notes, mind maps etc. These aid students to have a quick overview of the topics learned and enhance their ability to remember. 

Avoid getting distracted

The good thing is that with just a little bit of effort, you can figure out how to maximize your free time to have more time for studying.

1) Plan which hours are most productive for you during the day 

2) Use these hours to study or solve workbook questions 

3) Try not to schedule too many activities during the most productive hours.

4) Prepare something healthy to eat so that you do not end up in a situation when you need snacks but don’t have anything in the house.

5) Use headphones to avoid distractions and stay concentrated and focused on what needs to be done

Relax and learn

One relatively crucial habit of learning is to be fresh and energetic. If students are feeling exhausted or saturated, it will not help in studying as pupils won’t be able to focus well. Therefore it’s emphasised that students must not cut down their sleep and should relax. Pupils can do this by taking short naps or doing breathing exercises to calm their mind and refresh it. Students must pay attention to themselves too as it affects their studying routine as well. Also, pupils are advised to think in a positive way always to avoid feeling insecure about their capabilities while they appear for an exam. Students must remember that everyone in this world has their talent and uniqueness, so there’s no need to take unnecessary pressure to compete with their classmates. Overall, competition is acceptable when it’s healthy and not burdening for students. 


In a nutshell, grade 9th students must find a good balance between both the final and Olympiad exams. This is overall aid to the student to improve and expand their skills to learn more. These steps and tips will aid students to prepare for their math Olympiad exams.

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