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Students who get good marks in board exams of Class 10th and 12th surely have something which gives them an edge over others. Solving NCERT is hard work which every student does, but those who get good marks in board exams solve previous question papers to enhance their knowledge about the possibilities of the questions which can come in exams. Moreover, solving previous question papers can test your concepts and can give you a reality check-up of your speed and accuracy at which you attempt your question paper. It is important to solve the question paper from the previous year.

Science is a fascinating subject that is rich with facts and discoveries. It is in high demand in a variety of domains, including chemistry, physics, and biology. As a result, students who desire to pursue a career in Science should do well on the Class 10 Science exam. They would need to practice with CBSE Last Year Question Papers Class 10 Science and Sample Papers to achieve this. 

Reasons to solve previous question paper of Science Class 10 –

Students would benefit from solving the previous year’s Class 10 Science Question Papers because these question papers cover the full CBSE Class 10 Syllabus as well as crucial themes. They will also learn about the exam trends and questions from previous years’ Science papers. Students who want to improve their overall performance on the Class 10 board exam can work through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for all topics. It will assist students in determining the paper’s difficulty level and the kind of questions to expect on the exam. It also enables students to feel more confident about taking the exam by lowering their exam anxiety. 

Exam pattern of Science Class 10 

The Theory Paper and the Internal Assessment are two parts of the CBSE Class 10 Science Exam 2021. The theory paper’s board examination will be for 80 marks, while the internal assessment will be for 20 marks. 

Internal assessment includes the following: – 

  • Periodic assessment – 10 marks 
  • Practical work – 5 marks  
  • Project – 5 marks  

Internal evaluation will be carried out by schools on an internal basis. The CBSE Class 10 Science Theory Paper, on the other hand, will be part of the board’s annual test, which will be held across the country. The CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2021 will be different from the previous year’s paper. The following is the latest question paper format:

  • The paper will have a total of 36 questions (Instead of 30 questions in the previous year’s papers).
  • There will be four portions to the questions: A, B, C, and D.
  • Section A will have twenty objective-type questions, which will include multiple-choice questions (MCQs), very short answer questions, and assertion – reason type questions. There is going to be 1 mark for each question. 
  • Section B will consist of six extremely short answer-type questions worth two points each. 
  • Section C will consist of seven short answer questions worth three points each. 
  • Section D will include three long answer questions for five points each. 

In the paper, an internal choice of around 33% would be given.

Unit-wise Weightage Distribution for Class 10 Science

1.Chemical Substances – Nature and Behavior26
2.World of Living23
3.Natural Phenomena12
4.Effects of Current14
5.Natural Resources5

Section-wise marks

SectionMarks allotment 
A1 mark for each objective type question
BEach question is three marks long and requires a short answer.
CEach question is worth 5 marks and is a long answer type question.
TOTALThere are 30 questions, totalling 80 marks.

Best way to practice and analyze previous year question paper/sample papers

Solving the question paper is crucial since it allows you to refine your answer while also increasing your confidence. Students that thrive in academics are seen solving Question Papers to excel in speed and method of approach for each question. If you are prepared for a CBSE exam this year, solve Science previous year question paper Class 10 since it will help you finish your paper on time and to perfection, allowing you to pass your exam with flying colours. The following strategy is the most effective for solving the previous year’s question paper:

  • Go through the syllabus and mark the chapters you are well with and the chapters you are not confident and start working on those chapters. Read the chapter thoroughly, compile a list of key topics, and thoroughly review the examples and textbook questions well.
  • Go over the curriculum and highlight the chapters in which you are confident and those in which you are not. Begin focusing on those chapters. Read the chapter thoroughly, compile a list of key topics, and thoroughly review the examples and textbook questions.
  • Once you’re certain about the chapters, start working on the question paper for that subject. Solve previous year’s Class 10 Science question papers in a timed environment to avoid losing speed. If the paper has a set number of hours, attempt to finish it in 2.5 or 2.75 hours, so that you don’t miss any of the other questions throughout the exam if you get stuck on one or two.
  • More time should be spent studying your performance on these samples and prior question papers. Attempt the previous year’s paper only after properly analyzing the prior year’s paper and learning from your mistakes. Don’t get too excited if you can answer all of the questions on one paper; the difficulty of the paper can vary. However, don’t be discouraged if the paper is challenging; instead, focus on the type of question or section of the chapter where you’re stuck.

Students do better when they practice sample papers and work on strengthening their weaker portions. This boosts their self-esteem, and they work hard to achieve good grades. Not only may students practice their weak areas with example papers to improve their grades, but they can also practice their good sections.

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