Senior citizens or people above the age of 60 are sensitive to lifestyle changes and ageing diseases. Oftentimes even a slight discomfort or change in body vitals can lead to nasty health conditions. And seniors are already immune-compromised and are on high priority for medical attention, providing the best medical treatment firsthand is of utmost importance.

Recurrent doctor visits, hospitalizations, daycare treatment, timely medications are some of the precautions to maintain their health. But sometimes even all these precautions cannot guarantee good health and senior people need professional medical help. This can include any surgical produced, immediate diagnostic test and other valuable benefits. All this requires immediate cash, which in some cases is difficult to ensure. That’s where senior citizen health insurance in India can cover you better.

What is Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

Insurance specially designed keeping in mind the immediate and sensitive needs of senior citizens or old people is known as senior citizen health insurance. According to IRDA, the needs of senior citizens are different and therefore, there emerges a need for different senior citizen health insurance in India. These plans are designed with utmost care and sensitivity for senior citizens’ needs and requirements in terms of medical procedures. But, amidst the availability of thousands of plans, how would one recognize which one is the best? 

Here are some important things you need to consider while purchasing senior citizen health insurance in India- 

  • Insurance coverage details 

Checking coverage details is perhaps the most significant and central consideration. Prior to finalizing senior citizen health insurance in India, comprehend what your plan will cover. Considerthe inclusions, amount, and conditions carefully. For example, if your parent has kidney issues, it is ideal to purchase a medical coverage plan covering kidney or critical illnesses. 

  • Sub-limits 

Sub-limits are the sum of a protection plan that set limits for allowed room lease, ambulance administrations, and so on. Getting a plan with balanced sub-limits is consistently useful and beneficial. 

  • AYUSH coverage details 

If you are looking for senior citizen health insurance in India, AYUSH coverage is of utmost significance. It stands for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy. As senior residents tend to lean towards such kinds of medicines, health care coverage plans that have AYUSH covered are viewed as the ideal health insurance plans. 

An example of a provider including AYUSH coverage in a senior citizen health insurance plan is Care Health Insurance. 

  • Waiting Period

As the probability of senior residents getting sick is quite high, opting for a plan with a short waiting period is suggested. The way to do this is by purchasing senior citizen health insurance in India in advance so you can stay prepared. 

  • Hospital Network

Not every hospital is suitable and equipped with facilities for treating senior citizens. Therefore, checking the hospital network associated with your provider and plan is a compulsory requirement. In addition, regardless of how tremendous and predominant the emergency clinic network is, if the protection plan doesn’t cover the emergency clinics to your advantage, it is of no use. 

Look for specialization hospitalsin your providers’ hospital network that are nearby and affordable. 

  • Claim settlement process

The claim settlement process is something that highlights the ease of leveraging a policy’s benefits. If your insurance needs an arrangement of hefty documents to get the claim processed, it will be a hassle. Thereby, reading through and understanding the claim settlement process before buying senior citizen health insurance in India is always advised and recommended. 

To all the policy buyers, while buying senior citizen health insurance in India, always keep in mind the above critical factors. Thorough research before buying senior citizen health insurance in India is of utmost importance. Search for providers such as Care Health insurance and other IRDA registered insurance companies, licensed agents, or firms to get the ideal plan.