Meet FamiSafe Parental Control App, the perfect location tracker for those with children! With it you can monitor everything that your child does by cell phone (Android and iPhone), in addition to being able to track him.

But Why Do We Need The Location Tracker?

To make sure our kids are all right! Not knowing where they were while they should have gotten home was scary. Having a reliable location tracker will reduce our anxiety. We can know where they (our children) are and if we find that they are going to unfamiliar foreign places, we can take action quickly. But can tracking activities stand alone? The answer is no! Several months ago one of my children was caught going to a bar. After interrogating her, I found that she was actively interacting with a group of young alcoholics. So what children do in the real world is actually inseparable from what they do in cyberspace. This is a very important point!

What are the main dangers on the Internet for children?

Childhood innocence and easy access to data are factors that affect the safety of children in the online environment. This is because they are easy targets for bad people, even criminals, who take advantage of ingenuity to carry out the most diverse types of behaviors harmful to them.

Here Is A List Of The Main Dangers Children Face On The Internet:

Sexual abuse: The internet is a full plate for pedophiles, an environment in which they move freely and use it to approach victims. Be it children or teenagers. The approach can start with comments on photos or just friend requests.

Bullying: A problem already known in our society, which has now also invaded the digital environment. It has now become even easier to spread false information about someone through access to private data.

Sexual exploitation: As in the first item, criminals use the internet to sexually exploit children and adolescents. Content can be sold or disseminated online without security.

Inappropriate content: The internet is synonymous with pornography of the most diverse types, some within the law and others illegal. Either way, it’s easy to access or just come across content that is inappropriate for your age.

Any of these dangers can trigger your children to deviate from their normal route (real-world).

Check out what FamiSafe can do for you and your children!

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Here are some main functions of FamiSafe:

– Virtual Harassment Prevention (Cyberbullying)

– Location Tracking

– Application Blocking

– Web filtering

– On-Screen Time Control

– And more

Main functions of Famisafe:

– Real-Time Location Tracking and Geo-fencing (this is the reason why FamiSafe is reliable as a location tracker).

Know their real-time location whenever you want. You can also set Geo-fences as safe zones and receive alerts when your children enter or leave the geographic fences.

– Suspicious Text Alert & Virtual Harassment Prevention

A notification whenever any inappropriate text or content comes to your kids phone.

– Application Blocker & Activity Monitor

You can block disturbing apps. You can track the use of their cell phones, which apps are used the most, which apps are installed and uninstalled, how social media apps are used, etc.

– Web Browser Monitoring and Content Filtering

The web browser is one of those places to look for information, therefore, you should make sure your kids aren’t looking for anything wrong there. You can monitor the web browser with FamiSafe. Not only that, you can also filter out what content your children may have access to.

– Screen Tracking and Time Control

You can limit their screen time, making sure they don’t use their smartphone during school or bedtime.

– Flexible Remote Control and Personalization Configuration

There is no need to handle everything on your child’s cell phone. Once the app is installed, you can flexibly configure everything on your own device. As simple as that.


You can get FamiSafe with three pricing plans as follows;

– Monthly Plan: $ 9.99 / month

 – Three-month Plan: $ 19.99 / 3 months

– Annual Plan: $ 59.99

It is recommended to take the Annual Plan because the cost per month you have to pay will be the lowest. Not only that, you can also protect multiple devices, up to 30 different devices! If you are interested and agree with the price, here are three download links you can use:

Google Play

App Store



FamiSafe is a complete package for protecting children in cyberspace. This is more than just a regular location tracker. With this tracker you can even make sure your kids are safe online. That way you can minimize the risks that can happen to them in the real world. I’ve proven the performance of this tool and my conclusion is this is the best parenting app I have found.