Best Two Way Radio Accessories To Upgrade Your Radio: A Closer Look

When you picture somebody like a Secret Service agent, what do you picture? Chances are, you probably see somebody with black sunglasses and a black suit and tie. In his ear, there is a little earpiece that he occasionally taps.

That earpiece is part of a two-way radio, which has become a staple of security technology over the years. Professional two-way radios find use in several spheres, from customer service reps to professional bodyguards. 

However, these radios can become inconvenient by themselves. That’s why you need two-way radio accessories that enhance your radios. 

What kind of accessories is the best for your radio system? If that’s what you want to know, there’s good news! In this article, we’ll explore several of the best accessories on the market.

The Whistle Belt Clip

If you work in security-related professions, these accessories are excellent tools for upgrading your two-way radios. The clip attaches the walkie-talkie to your belt, waistband, or lapel. This way, you can keep your hands free while you work.

However, the clip also has a built-in whistle. You can blow into the whistle to warn your fellow guards of incoming danger. Alternatively, you can use the whistle to signal your location. 

Charge Your Portable Two-Way Radio On the Go

Depending on the type of radio you use, several accessories can help preserve its battery life. For example, you can find a car charger that lets you charge the walkie-talkie as you commute. 

There are also battery pack options that serve as alternative power sources for your system. This way, if your battery dies on the job, you have a substitute readily available. These battery packs are also easy to charge and carry.

Surveillance Earpiece

If you ever wanted to look like a special agent in the movies or on TV, this accessory can make your dream come true. These pieces often plug into your walkie and connect to your ear.

These tools give you clearer audio, allowing you to understand what your fellow workers say more easily. They’re also lightweight and portable, making them convenient to carry. 

As they stand, some earpieces may fit uncomfortably in your ears. If that’s the case, there’s a way out. 

Many brands include different-sized “cushions” for their earpiece equipment. Usually, these are gel tips that help the piece rest more comfortably in your ear. After all, if you have to wear these earpieces for several hours at a time, you don’t want them to hurt your ears!

Walkie-Talkie Lanyards

If belt clips aren’t for you, you could always opt for lanyards to carry your radios. These simple accessories keep your walkie-talkie close at hand for any time you need them. These tools make communication quick and easy for all situations. 

Find Your Two-Way Radio Accessories Today!

Two-way radio accessories make your communication system more effective and convenient. So, if you need ways to upgrade your radio, find the best accessories today! We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.

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