Watch Guide: Top Chopard Watch Collections For Men and Women

The Chopard issue occurred in 1860 when Louis-Ulysse Chopard (May 4, 1836 to January 30, 1915) founded the L.U. C producing company in Sonvilier, Switzerland. At first, he presents movements but instantly he finds out that making watches is more valuable. He traded his watches throughout Europe and even became provisional to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

When Louis-Ulysse died in 1915, the company was held over by his son Paul-Louis and grandson, Paul André. They concentrate on developing ladies’ watches and pocket watches. Paul-Louis, who perhaps had the lead, carried the company activities to a larger town (Chaux-de-Fonds) in 1921. After twelve years, they started the company in Geneva, the metropolis of Haute Horlogerie. In 1943, Paul André Chopard became the owner of the company. 

In 1996, Chopard set up resources to construct its mechanical timepieces. While strongly hooked up to its traditional values, the company hopes for the future with assurance. Chopard is known to create dozens of watch styles formed in the highest quality materials. Get to know more about their best collections when you keep on reading.

Chopard Ladies Watches 

1. Happy Diamond

Since 1976, Happy Diamonds have been established by a powerful influence and integrity by revolutionizing the watch industry. For the very first time, leading diamonds could be recognized between 2 crystal sapphire glasses on the watch’s face. Show the absolute capacity of Chopard floating diamond watches for women: diamond watches have white gold and rose gold watches, or leather straps watches.

2. Happy Sport

The Happy Sport model was introduced in 1993, and the antique watch combines diamonds with a stainless steel case. To this day, it continues to be one of the most exemplary and beautiful models in the industry. See also our quartz luxury watches, automatic watches, or distinguished moon-phase watches.

3. Alpine Eagle

The new sport-chic Alpine Eagle New, sophisticated, confident luxury watches collection was influenced by the Alps and the exact power of the majestic eagle. Seek the full range of automatic watches for women: diamond watches for women, lucent steel watches, rose gold, and white gold watches for women.

4. Imperiale 

Imperiale’s collection exceedingly dazzles with the richness and delicacy of its details. It has a brilliant, majestic beauty that is rivaled only by their conquering spirit. An honor to modern achievers. It has a full range of luxury watches for women and a hand-wound watch, quartz, moon phase, tourbillon, and self-winding watch diminished in many metals.

5. L.U.C.

L.U.C. women’s watches represent the highest standard of Swiss watchmaking. All the steps required in crafting L.U.C. watches are produced at Chopard’s Geneva and Fleurier workshops. It has a range of diamond watches for women white and rose gold diamond watches for women with a leather strap. 

6. Mille Miglia 

Chopard’s Mille Miglia is also a luxury watch for women to establish a bridge between automotive engineering and mechanical watchmaking, the rise of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s desire. We can explore the full variety of Mille Miglia luxury ladies watches. 

7. Ice Cube

Ice Cube watches have a unique and instantly recognizable design among all the collections. With its essential elegance, it dresses up modern amazons who are fans of its graphic design and disrupts the approved order. To Discover all Chopard quartz luxury watches for women with the white and rose gold watch, diamond watch and leather straps watch.

Chopard Men’s Collection 

1. Racing Stripes 

The new design of the Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph Racing Stripes edition has a sporty and sophisticated design and a combination of passion, style, and rigor. It has a silver dial and the open case back of the racing stripes extends the watch’s powerful personality with a vintage touch. This luxury watch model with an amusing retro touch hums to the beat of a COSC-certified high-precision movement. It has 42 mm and is limited to 50 pieces. This new watchmaking iconic Mille Miglia watch is devoted to the gentlemen drivers. It is only available in the USA. 

2. L.U.C. 

The L.U.C. Men’s watches represent the strongest standard of Swiss watchmaking. All the steps engaged in crafting L.U.C. watches are represented at Chopard’s Geneva and Fleurier workshops. These exceptional watches for men, the product of conscientious workmanship, satisfy the desires of the modern gentleman.


Chopard may be a byword for style and its arrangements may manifest an air of fun, but the brand cannot imbue its products with quality and no-understanding construction. If you want to check out more Chopard watch models, visit for an array of choices. Their website has an array of Chopard timepieces with the best models. You will surely find a model that will suit your style and preference.

We hope this article helped you out in getting to know more about this timepiece brand. Good luck!

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