Ways Aiops Can Help With Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the next major technology wave. Whether they’re aware of it or not, it will change the way companies work forever. AI offers incredible potential to businesses of all sizes and industries—but what exactly can AI do? Let’s look at how AIOps (AI-driven operations) can help with your business operations, identifying how AIOps can improve processes and help your company save time and money on its daily routines.

Security Operations

AI and machine learning (ML) are very useful for operationalizing security. The key advantage is that they process large volumes of data in real-time. This helps automate both mainframe reporting and enforcement of policies. This means a company’s security team can detect possible intrusions immediately and work on mitigating them quickly. AI tools also analyze historical data to predict if potential incidents are likely to occur, allowing companies to focus more of their resources on truly risky scenarios.

Cyber Security

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) defines advanced persistent threats (APTs) as cyber-attacks characterized by a high degree of sophistication, decoupled from any single point, target, or objective, and executed over an extended period. In other words, hackers can compromise systems in various ways, and they will keep doing it until they succeed at their end goal — sometimes monetary gain and sometimes data theft.

Monitoring for High Availability

One key to successfully running a business is high availability. This means that a company’s systems must be capable of staying operational and providing needed services, even when a failure occurs. Such outages put companies out of service and cost them money in terms of loss of revenue and client goodwill. To avoid downtime and ensure consistent service quality, enterprises need to implement monitoring tools to identify potential problems before they develop into actual issues.

Maintain Compliance

Organizations need to keep their data secure and ensure that it is not altered in any way. They also have to ensure they meet their regulations, such as HIPAA or PCI. The best part of an AIOps strategy is that it offers insight into where an organization needs to implement standards and procedures to maintain compliance. With AIOps, information is also easier to retrieve so that managers have all they need when performing audits.

Data Protection

The best thing you can do to protect your data is to back it up every day. You should follow some simple rules to make sure you’re backed up. Then, you’ll still have access to everything saved on your computer during a natural disaster or computer failure. To avoid losing your information and data, we highly recommend getting a cloud backup service like Micro Focus or Google Drive. Then, all of your important files will still be on file and accessible for use in an emergency.

Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is attractive because it gives users on-demand access to scalable and easy to manage resources. This flexibility means cloud services are a natural fit for real-time business intelligence solutions. Cloud infrastructure also combines compute, storage, and networking into one pool of resources, simplifying deployment for highly available infrastructures that scale easily and cost-effectively. Artificial intelligence operations (AIOps) is a way to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze historical data from multiple sources to identify patterns and solve problems that humans might not have otherwise been able to fix.

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