Did you know that studies have found that digital clutter can reduce your productivity levels? By managing and regularly clearing your emails, you’ll not only save yourself time when trying to find important emails, but you’ll also be setting yourself up for success. 

Keep reading to find out how you can delete Gmail emails to keep your inbox uncluttered.

How to Delete All Your Emails

Knowing how to delete all emails can be a great first step when it comes to tidying up your inbox. If you know you’ve acted on all your important emails and would like a fresh start before organizing your emails, deleting them all might be the way to go.

Gmail automatically splits your inbox up into sections, the primary section (this is usually your main inbox), socials, promotions, updates, and forums. The promotions section is the best section to start clearing as it almost always consists of spam messages. To clear this section you’ll need to:

  • Log into your Gmail account
  • Click the Promotions tab
  • Click on the small checkbox icon at the top of the icon banner
  • Now all the emails on this page will be highlighted and a notification at the top of the page will appear that allows you to select all emails in the tab
  • Once you’ve selected all the emails you can click on the trash icon
  • You will need to confirm this action and all the emails will be deleted.

Now that you’ve cleared the promotions tab you can tackle the other sections of your inbox. After you’ve cleared out all the different sections of your email you will need to empty the trash to completely delete the emails.

To empty the trash you’ll need to navigate to your Trash folder ( this can be found via the left-hand navigation rail). In the Trash folder, you’ll see the option to empty the folder, this will permanently delete all the emails in this folder. If you are unsure about deleting them all immediately, you have 30 days before your Trash folder gets emptied automatically where you can make sure you didn’t trash something important.

Keep Your Emails Tidy 

Keeping your inbox tidy can be a constant chore of clearing out all your emails, but there are ways to get around it. Setting up Gmail email filters to sort your emails for you can reduce the number of emails you need to delete. Filters also allow you to sort important emails together so you can easily respond to them without having to read through all the spam.

Delete Gmail Emails Made Easy

Now that you know how to delete Gmail emails there is no reason for your inbox to become cluttered again. Remember to keep your online clutter to a minimum to increase your productivity. If you enjoyed this article, please go take a look at our blog for more content!