Why Should You Consider Dating Online?

We live in a time when going out may mean getting severely sick—or worse. And while we continue to hope to get out of this dangerous bubble soon, we might also try to accept that this could be the new normal.

In that, we attend classes or hold parties either in small groups or via a digital screen. That naturally follows that looking for love may only make sense via online dating. Anyway, online dating can be just as complex and exciting as IRL dating.

9 Facts To Choose Online Dating

If you still need a little push to try your odds in love through online dating, below are the reasons why you should consider using it:

1. Successful First Impression

Have you ever found yourself trying to connect with someone but realize you haven’t said a thing as you’re too shy to speak to them? Or do you spew words you barely understand or mean when you’re nervous? Perhaps we could only agree that you didn’t bag home your date in any of these scenarios.

One excellent advantage of online dating is that you can review the conversation and easily change them if you find them too weird or dull. Through online dating, you won’t look or sound like a fool, especially on the first date.

Online dating can help get you enough chances to big yourself up before your date realizes how weird you could get. And by that time, they’ll no longer leave you as they’re already in love with you!

2. Less effort when getting to know someone

In real life, not a lot of people can flirt like a pro to someone they like. For others, flirting will often include panic, anxiety, and a whole lot of sweating.

Online dating, then, is a perfect place for people that feel pressured with face-to-face interactions. With online dating, there will be less stress. The fact that both parties already know each other well enough is a weight off the shoulders. Besides, there is a non-judgmental environment with online dating.

3. It is cost-effective

If you’re all for dating on a budget, online dating should be your game—it is very cost-effective. 

Besides the internet and upgraded membership charge—which is not a requirement—you don’t need to spend much online dating. It saves you so much money as compared to dating IRL. Each date means taxi fares, meal expenses, and movie tickets.

Should you choose online dating, you could easily turn off the lights—which save on electricity—and pull out your old candle to create a romantic scene. Plus, the movie and food expenses will be free!

4. Highly Convenient

Your career is important. No one should make you feel bad for extending work hours and doing your best for a project. But putting all your efforts into your job can also take a toll on your love life. That will eventually make it more difficult for you to find someone special.

If you pick up your phone and download an online dating app, you don’t have to free your schedule to find someone great. You can easily ping someone’s inbox at your available time and start a meaningful conversation after that.

5. You get to meet people you click with

Looking for the perfect person feels like combing a needle in a haystack—it’s frustrating. The great thing about online dating is that you can sift through your options according to people who might be your perfect match. Most dating sites will check your behavior when using the platform and use that to match with someone with whom you’re most compatible. Other dating apps will even make you do a personality quiz to find your ideal pair.

6. Options, options, options!

Online dating has the power to present you with options that you wouldn’t find within a 50-meter radius. Looking for a funny doctor? Kind pilot? Handsome fireman? You can quickly look them up online. 

7. “Collect and collect, then select”

It’s a crime to connect this theory to playboys and playgirls only. For many years, our parents and grandparents taught us to be serious about someone. They trained us to put all our dating eggs in one basket only. But all this ever does is put us in agony.

The drama rises if your date goes cold on you. You start checking messaging apps for his’ last seen’ time. Without knowing it, you worry that you’ve been boring them or your flaws turned them off. 

The worst part of this all is you could’ve had the best partner if you didn’t let them go for that wrong date. And, you could only blame yourself for that. After all, if you just had a few more in the ‘collect’ pile, you wouldn’t spin out of control on this one bad date.

When you practice the ‘Collect and Select’ theory, you get plenty of chances to date people and find which of them is most compatible with you.

8. You get to set the pace

It isn’t easy to let someone into your life. They could easily traipse in and break your heart. With online dating, you have better control over how to set things through.

There will be no social obligations, and meetups won’t take place anytime soon—with the pandemic around. You get to set the pace of your relationship and decide when you’re more open to the idea of commitment.

9. You’ve nothing to lose

Online dating has slowly broken down the wall that is stigmatization. Meeting someone online sure isn’t how we imagined it as a child or how our favorite childhood princesses did it. But all this doesn’t mean yours will not be any romantic should you try online dating.

Whether you play by society’s rules or not, you have nothing to lose with online dating. You were out in the online dating field, letting yourself be available—you didn’t lose anything just by doing that.


Online dating is a fun and exciting affair. It’s an easy and surefire way to find someone with whom you’re most compatible with. When you’re already at the field, be available but don’t forget to be your own person.

When one lousy date happens, move on and date the next one. Learn to relax and always trust the process, okay?

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